Baby fascists disinvite viewpoint diversity speaker


The dark punchline? The nixed talk was to be part of the school’s “uncomfortable learning” speaker series, wherein Williams undergrads are “challenged and made to think,” according to student organizers. Well, it seems as though certain subjects are just too uncomfortable to even be discussed.

The unspeaker is critic of feminism Suzanne Venker, who had intended to say,

My goal for you all, my purpose in being here today, is to inspire you to think for yourselves. Do not be swayed by groupthink no matter what your friends, your family or the culture believe. Do not be afraid to ask yourself questions that may make you uncomfortable. And do not be afraid of the answers.

Today’s non-STEM students, tomorrow’s leaders, are simply ‘crats-in-training, and they do not need such a message, rather the opposite:

Increasingly, universities are being reformatted to turn out ‘crats, people whose best hope is to work for some level of government, which consumes more and more of society.

He is not at the U for any reason related to intellectual freedom. He is consumed by the need to police, to stop, to fix, to punish, to parade his grievances and his sense of threat to himself, and to demand support for his apparently quite fragile self-esteem. He will end up a good ‘crat.

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