Trudeau Picks Peter Harder For His Transition Team

Justin Trudeau’s decision to name former senior bureaucrat Peter Harder to help manage his transition into government sends a signal to Canada’s demoralized public service that they will be listened to under the Liberals, say former bureaucrats.

Harder brings nearly 30 years of public service experience to the transition team that is overseeing the changing of the guard from a Conservative to a Liberal government. He headed some of the departments that will be big challenges for the incoming Liberals, and also worked on the other side of the divide as a political staffer for a Mulroney-government cabinet minister.

Trudeau will officially become prime minister Nov. 4 and will unveil his cabinet then. It is unknown when he will bring back Parliament.

This guy:

Appointed a Trudeau Foundation Mentor, 2009-2010

  • pike bishop

    Peter Harder…that does not sound good.

    • Looks a bit like cronyism to me.

      • mauser 98

        sounds like variety store back room with curtained door

    • eMan14

      He’s trying, but he needs a men-tor.

  • Gary

    Watch to see if no Pro-Life Liberals get these positions.

    • David Murrell

      But Justin forbade his Liberals to be pro-life. There aren’t any.

  • David Murrell

    Catfur, thanks for fingering the Trudeau Foundation in all of this. I did an infomal check on its board of directors. Many of the heavy hitters donated thousands of dollars to the Liberal party and/or Trudeau’s nomination campaign. When Justin first announced his leadership run, he took a leave of absence from the TF in some faux gesture misleading people in thinking the registered charity is somehow non-partisan.

    Btw: the slavishly pro-Liberal Jeffrey Simpson, of the Globe and Mail, has been a “mentor” at the TF for years. One source claims that a “mentor” at the TF makes $40-thousand a year, for a limited amount of work.

    I stumbled on the fact that the pro-Liberal TF is subject of Canada’s access-to-information law. I’ll be hitting the TF for info on detailed finances, soon.