The History of Political Correctness


  • Tom Forsythe

    What mental midget came up with this retarded idea?

    • Which one?

      • Tom Forsythe

        Political Correctness. It sounds kinda gay.

  • bruce

    I’m surprised you don’t see the problem with blaming a handful of mostly Jews – Marx and the Frankfurt School – for all our problems. I’ve studied their complex ideas and you could just as easily call them European Orwells, the difference being that Britain had a tradition of free speech while the more Catholic-dominated Continent did not. And I’m a Catholic! You just have to read about 19th century composers and others who were being hunted for offending various monarchs. It didn’t start with Marx, who was comparatively freedom-loving in European context. The Catholic Church invented Political Correctness, and as I say I’m a Catholic. Of course they did! The Frankfurt School, as a whole, are simply warning about totalitarianism, just like Orwell. And the fact they were mostly Jews gave it a special poignancy. I put this to Steve Sailor: the real question is why did obscure Euro writers and philosphers become so popular, selling so many books and spawning an iindustry in 1960s US, followed by the rest of us? Who were their apparently new market? Was it the same people who bought all the pop records for example?

    • I thought the video was interesting, bruce. I don’t pretend to know much about the Frankfurt school. You seem very knowledgeable, so maybe you could help us out with an informative link.

      I must say, I do rather resent the implication that I’m an anti-Semite.

      • bruce

        No there aren’t any useful links because the whole thing is too polarised. Marx was a follower of Hegel, who was a German Romantic, but Marx’s criticisms of Hegel are pretty much what we all think today: that a society should be based on facts not idealism. British Empiricists like Locke and Hume said the same, but with the British tradition of liberty it had a better outcome. The Catholic Church has been a huge influence in Europe, for both good and bad. Maybe the best way to study it is in the debate between Habermas (a non-Jewish Frankfurt schooler) and Pope Benedict, but it all gets very airy-fairy:

        Maybe the real problem is just that so many voters now have no practical experience.

        • bruce

          As a Catholic, I’m not calling anyone anti-Semite, please. I’m not fully able to follow who’s posting and only know the writings of Kathy Shaidle and her husband. She has a unique perspective which cuts through a lot of these “implications” with fresh perspective, so I’m saying I’m surprised because of that connection. I’m sure one day she’ll say much what I’m trying to say, is all I mean. Sorry I didn’t notice you weren’t Kathy’s husband, wotsisname: I’m an Australian in Sydney btw!

          • bruce

            See, people concentrate on what Marx said, but they don’t pay much attention to what he was criticising: German philosophy. German philosophy gave us the Protestant Reformation, crazy Hegel who inspired dictators:

            It also gave us Karl Popper who thought Plato and Hegel were the enemies. In the end, instead of getting into obscure arguments about German ideas, we probably should be studying what makes British tradition so good, as Mark Steyn often points out. But, the Americans don’t much like this! I actually think the British Empire was a good thing. But try to tell the French, Germans and Americans that!

          • No worries, bruce. Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out.

    • Pon Wup

      Well, it only took one person, Keynes, to cause most of our QE problems. It’s not the number of people involved it’s the utility of the ideas and how they can be used to manipulate and shape society by people in power. Political correctness, the idea that we are all victims and that only Progressive views are legitimate align perfectly with the ideology of the Frankfurt school.

      And after seeing this video it seems to make sense now why Progressives never attack Islamism: it’s not Western culture so it is inherently better.