Palestinian Public Service Video Instructs How to “Prepare Knife for Stabbing”

Palestinian Video Instructs How to “Prepare Knife for Stabbing”, Demonstrates Lethal Stabbing Methods

  • Gary

    Here in Canada this scum and rabid savages only resort to Fire-bombing jewish schools and beating up our women and children in Calgary ( the jew-hating gay muslim mayor gave the islamists a Jew-free zone near the Police Station to protest and riot) while these barbarians are at a pro-hamas peace rally .

    Now that Justin in PM these knuckle dragging wife-beaters will be embolden to go Jihad and not fear the RCMP or CSIS because they will be focused on looking for the Root Causes and ordered by Justin to leave the islamists alone .
    Justin has a Final Solution for Jews and White Canadian Christians.

    • ‎‎

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  • WalterBannon

    produced by the CBC

  • John

    What a sick backward culture.