Overcrowding At Ryerson Means Some Classes Are Taught In Washrooms!

Overcrowding is so bad that a washroom wall serves as an actual chalkboard for Ryerson students!  h/t PJ

Ryerson classroom

Ryerson English 101 Class is currently held in the 2nd floor Transgender washroom, just left of the sit down urinals

  • Gary

    If it’s the Journalism and media classes they pretty well have a Job-4-Life at the CBC or STAR .

    • David Murrell

      Oh wait. This is Tony Burman’s classroom. He teaches at Ryerson’s journalism depaartment. He’s the former head of CBC News and al Jeezera English. And he wrote a Toronto Street op-ed essay railing against a supposed Jewish lobby.

      Perhaps what is scrawled on the bathroom wall is a term-paper assignment.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Hilarious. What goes on at Ryerson does not stay inside Ryerson, however. Do you really think that HR consultants with real market knowledge regard Ryerson “degrees” as being equal to others? Heh. While most non-STEM credentials are questionabl these days, Ryerson’s are virtually worthless.

        • Raymond Hietapakka

          There were two respected types from my course there. The ones with high marks upon graduation, and those that said “f*** this bullshit”, quit early, and just went out and got themselves a job in the industry on the basis of their talent and personality.

          • David Murrell

            Justin and Raymond: I worry that graduates might be hired by the left-leaning media cartel (paid a low wage, mind you) BECAUSE of their Ryerson credential.

  • disqusW6sf

    Read Melanie Phillip ‘ s book “A world turned upside down” to get their facts straight about Israel.

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  • zee

    I’d give it about 30%, the lyrics are derivative and it has no beat so you can’t dance to it.
    Maybe Roger Waters can rewrite it 🙂

    • Xavier

      It appears to be to the tune of Black Flag’s ‘Rise Above’.

  • Mannie

    The Nazis are strong on campus.

  • WalterBannon

    Trudope’s people

  • seaoh

    Great now where are the transgender muslims supposed to wash their feet before arselifting?

  • Exile1981

    That’s not hate speech that approved Islamic doctrine. How dare they dictate religious conscious to members of the religion of peace.

    I demand that besides additional prayer rooms were they can beat their heads against the marble floor 5 times a day that Ryserson admit it’s islamiphobia and convert all campus food choices to Halal; that a goat sex room be set up so members can follow Mohammed’s lead and have relations with a goat.

    – SARC OFF

    Seriously though is anyone surprised that this showed up in the trangender washroom?

    • Xavier

      No, I am not surprised. Hate is the thread that binds all the little subsets of Progressivism together.