Ontario Nurses Warn That Nurse Shortage Endangers Patients

The Ontario Nurses’ Association says hospital patients are suffering and being put at increased risk of dying because of cuts to registered nursing positions.

Union president Linda Haslam-Stroud says even though the Liberals claim to have hired 24,000 more nurses since they were elected to government in 2003, more than 600 registered nursing jobs have been cut at Ontario hospitals this year.

She says some of the cuts are being done by “stealth” as hospitals fail to replace nurses who retire or move to other positions, while others are outright layoffs.

Haslam-Stroud says the nursing positions being cut in hospitals are not being created in the community to provide more home-based care to patients, and the nurses don’t like or want the lower-paying jobs outside of hospitals.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says there is “a transition” as hospitals realize they need fewer registered nurses as the government moves to provide more community-based care.

The nurses union says the cuts are leaving hospital patients stuck on stretchers in hallways and closets while others are sent home too soon with little-to-no community support to provide the ongoing care they need.

Ontario Liberals instituted a budget freeze. As a result, nurses have been laid off.

Don’t forget to thank a Liberal voter for this.

  • Clear Thinker

    The nursing union is full of crap, no 24,000 nurses were hired unless you count it as 16 hour work weeks. The nursing union has to fall on its’ own petard of we hate mike harris and love dalton mcguinty and seabiscuit. The unions of ontario from police amd firesleepers to teachers to nurses, and everyone else has what they think they wanted, now they have to suck on it big time. But dont worry, the liberals will come after the private taxpayer after they are done with the school children.

    • Maurixio Villa-Lobos

      “Amd firesleepers” , heh, sounds like someone didn’t make the cut.

  • The Butterfly

    Ontario has to pay the interest on its debts, so it can’t afford nurses.

    It originally borrowed the money because debt = compassion. Or something.

    • Thank your neighbourhood Liberal voter.

      • David Murrell

        Also Wynne needs millions in bribe money for teachers unions.

  • AmicusC

    I don’t know if its the same in Ontario but a major problem with nurses in other parts of Canada is the whining about not enough nurses but then when they try to higher more it gets blocked by the union because then nurses cant abuse overtime if they actually have enough staff.
    all unions should be prohibited.

    • David

      all government unions should be prohibited.

  • Sharkibark

    The numbers of nurses may currently be declining in Canada but overall it has NOT declined. In fact there has been 8% growth in the number of nurses since 2007. This growth rate is DOUBLE the rate of population growth. Don’t believe me, believe the Canadian Nurses Association https://www.cna-aiic.ca

    It’s just another public sector union making noises about wanting more money.

    • How many find full time work?

      • Sharkibark

        I imagine all of them…. isn’t there a shortage, after all? 😉

  • Shebel

    If Justin makes good on his promise to bring in 25000 single ,male, Muslim Islamists and enacts his Family Reunification BS and then they start to bring in their many wives and they bring in their many Parents and they bring in all their many Grandparents—-

    This will make the most successful MLM ponzi scheme look positively TEPID.

    We are SCREWED. So are the Nurses. Just ask White Christian nurses that are forced to look after these animals. They are treated like DIRT . Don’t even get me started on the Male nurses.

    Just do the math.

  • Chris

    It happens time and again but the various parasitic unions always make the mistake in thinking that this time the politicians will keep their promises in return for their active campaigning.

  • ontario john

    Yes, but we have great homosexual parades.

  • Frances

    RN’s these days aren’t generally into bedside nursing anyway – that’s left to the LPN’s.

    • My mother was a nurse and was appalled at the quality of nursing care here.

  • Cajun Exile

    This story must be a lie. Healthcare is free in Canada and Obama says free healthcare is good so their can’t be any problems with patient health in Canada. Barack Husseien “The Messiah™” Obama is always right…..right?