‘No Africans please’, says Marrakech rental agent

If you’re black, it’s no easy task to rent an apartment in Morocco. Our Observer, a Senegalese student in Marrakech, sent us a recording of a call he made to a rental agent. The agent tells him very bluntly that the landlords he works for just won’t rent to black people.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Morocco is in Africa too.
    I wonder why?
    No, not really!

    • ed

      north Africa , black in Arabic is the same word for slave

  • AmicusC

    that’s just practical business sense. happens everywhere just most places don’t allow you to state it that bluntly

  • roccolore

    Europeans and Americans are called “racist” for doing the same thing the Moroccan did.

  • edlancey

    Yet they bitch about it when french people don’t want Moroccans a-lolling and a-leering anywhere near them.