‘Liberal academics let censorship happen’

The demand for equality that emerges on college campuses today is primarily underpinned by two things: identity politics and a perception of individuals as suffering from trauma. Students have become attached to the particular trauma they identify with; they see it as a badge of honour and any perceived slight becomes a threat to their sense of who they are.’

h/t Marvin

  • Dana Garcia

    Liberal academics are risk-averse weasels who have no interest in the truth.

  • WalterBannon

    This is not the west. cultural marxists have already destroyed the west. civilization is a dead man walking. the invading muslim hoards are just the coup de grâce

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  • Xavier

    Liberal academics didn’t “let censorship happen”; they nurtured and promoted it until it was a reality. The right has tolerated school politicization and indoctrination in the guise of free speech when it is exactly the opposite. That is the right’s fatal flaw: tolerance of authoritarianism in the guise of protected rights and individualism. We must make the effort to identify and neutralize victimhood cults that operate counter to the law and the Constitution.

  • Frances

    These special snowflakes should have lived through WW II – in Poland.