Korean Families Reunite After Several Decades Apart

North Korean Oh In Se, 83, reacts as he bids fareweel to his South Korea wife Lee Sun-gyu (R), 85, after the separated family reunions at Mount Kumgang resort, North Korea, October 22, 2015. REUTERS/KOREA POOL/Yonhap

The legacy of the Kim Dynasty:

Six decades have passed by since the war separated North Koreans from the South, leaving many families with no way of getting in touch. 

Recently, they were reunited for the first time. 

A group of nearly 400 South Koreans were chosen to participate in the rare inter-Korean reunion that took place at the Mount Kumgang resort in North Korea, Reuters reports.

They crossed the North Korean border on Tuesday to see their family members for the first time since the Korean War separated them 65 years go.