Is it Ethical to Kill a Terrorist?

“We have become like Sodom and Gemorrah,” the judge lamented when referring to the hard kick the Arab woman terrorist received from a Jewish bystander after an attempted stabbing. The judge’s assessment was right, but from the other side of the coin. It is the judge who represents the Sodom mentality; thinking that turns values inside out, rendering good – bad and bad – good. The Jew who kicked that Arab terrorist still has moral clarity; it is the judge who is stricken with Sodom mentality.

  • Xavier

    Yes, and if you have any qualms bring them to me.
    Or just let the pigs take care of things.

  • WalterBannon

    yes, but it is even more ethical to kill the political class that imports these terrorists

    • mobuyus

      In the wet dreams of the political class that imports these undesirables they are the terrorists sticking it to the man and the Jew.

  • Dana Garcia

    Liberal values dictate that diversity is the highest good. All judgements flow from that principle.

  • The Butterfly

    Is it moral to let a terrorist live?

    • No. It is not. He/she should be killed on sight. This is an enemy soldier in a hot war.

  • BitterClinger

    Yes. Bonus points for length and painfulness of death.

  • There will be no peace or security in Israel – or in any other Western country, for that matter – until all Arabs/Muslims are kicked out of there. They are savages who cannot understand or handle peace and security.

  • tom_billesley

    Is it moral nit to?