With a Pro-Terrorist Government in Canada, Border Security is a Big Problem

With backing from Obama’s campaign people, Canadian voters made a left-wing terrorist supporter whose only calling card was his last name, the Prime Minister of Canada. This is really bad for Canadians, but it turns the northern into a serious national security issue.

Canada’s asylum policy has led to Muslim terrorist attacks on America before.

  • WalterBannon

    The US should shut down the canadian border.

    • Alain

      Really? Bringing an immature Trudeau to power was a gift from Obama. Actually it was his handlers and backers which amounts to the same. Of course that open border to the south of them offers no danger.

  • tom_billesley

    Cross-border terrorist attacks haven’t only gone in one direction: the Fenian raids.

    • pike bishop

      What about the LA airport bomber who travelled across Canada at will until finally caught at the Pt. Roberts border crossing?

  • AmicusC

    I cant wait to see what Justine will do if and when we get Trump 2016.

    • Xavier

      Biden just announced he isn’t running.
      That increases Trump’s chances.

    • Alain

      I am sure little Justine will face him down just as he says he will do with Putin. Regarding Trump I recall reading recently that he went chicken when it came to sharia. I do hope that was incorrect.

  • Xavier

    It’s so bad that Obama’s thinking about building a northern wall…

    Wait for it.

    …to keep Christian Canadians from migrating south.


    • Alain

      That has already become a lot more difficult than for illegals coming from the southern border.

  • David

    A small redoubt in a benighted world is breached.

  • Gary

    My bet is that the gay community will rue the day they bashed Harper and Christians because we have seen Justin courting the Islamists votes to visit known radical Pro-Sharia Mosques , this while the Lesbian Premier of Ontario( and Dalton plus the HRC’s Bab’s Hall ) had allowed that Jew-hating homophobic mosques in the Valley Park Public school , that also condones flogging women and the Child Bride pedophilia .

    Justin has had a firewall around him all his life as one of the Upper Class wealthy white Liberals which shows by the fact that he is clueless about the Quran’s core tenets for Jihad and the global Caliphate for allah.
    He’s in over his head just like Obama is who only has a claim to fame for a Community Organizer/ partially Black/ ex-smoker . Obama and Justin live in a false-reality where there are NO evil people on Earth while all the criminals from poverty are Victims of oppression and the injustice of the Income un-equality ( as if the 7/11 clerk should make as much as Obama and Justin).

    My prediction right now based on his Li’l Justy’s Election LIES ( promise in the eyes of a Liberal ) is that if he tries to keep them we will see the National Debt shoot to $700,000,000,000.00 after his 4 year 1st term. I say this because Wynne is driving Ontario into a deep Debt at the rate of $20 billion a year just to stay in power no matter how many seniors or children get harmed by the serious Poverty when the money runs out .

    FREE stuff worked for Obama to get re-elected since the Black card was old news , so the Liberals here embraced it since they already treat voters and Immigrants like ignorant peons too stupid to see the Ponze Scheme going on which was how ENRON and WorldCom imploded .
    Enough with these Rich-kids becoming Leaders and acting like a King .

    • mauser 98

      “Wynne is driving Ontario into a deep Debt at the rate of $20 billion a year ”
      ……..and thats just for the teachers

    • It’s all a Ponzi scheme.

      • WalterBannon

        they can always print money, which is just theft from everyone’s savings and assets. they either steal money directly via taxes, or indirectly through currency depreciation/money printing.

  • FactsWillOut

    “Canada’s asylum policy has led to Muslim terrorist attacks on America before.”

    Really? When was this, in 1812?

  • Achmed

    You have to respect our culture!