Two boats carrying 140 migrants arrive on British soil in astonishing security breach after coming ashore at RAF base on Cyprus where UK jets are carrying out strikes against ISI

Two boatloads of refugees triggered a security scare on British soil after managing to land at a military base conducting air strikes against the Islamic State.

The RAF facility in Cyprus is said to have gone into lockdown after around 140 migrants were able to come ashore apparently undetected overnight.

It is the first time since the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean began that they have landed directly on UK territory.

A source on the island criticised the Ministry of Defence for allowing the boats to reach the base ‘unchallenged’ and raised fears they could have been militants from the Islamic State.

  • Millie_Woods

    Another day, another Stupid Brit Tricks story.

  • tom_billesley

    Just the first landing. There are now too many fences in the Balkans so the traffickers are opening up a new route. However, it’s about 160 miles from Syria or Lebanon so expect bodies on beaches this winter.