Traditional Saudi sword-waving cross-dressing dance haram according to new fatwa

Britain's Prince Charles, wearing traditional Saudi uniform, dances with sword during the traditional Saudi dancing best known as 'Arda' performed during Janadriya culture festival at Der'iya in Riyadh, on February 18, 2014. Charles arrived in Saudi Arabia on a private visit. TOPSHOTS/AFP PHOTO/POOL/FAYEZ NURELDINE        (Photo credit should read FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images)

Responding to a students’ question, the mufti said: “If people who perform traditional dances imitate women, this dance should be haram.” 2qSBD46[1]

Al-Dammah, Al-Aradah and the southern Al-Khatwa are traditional dances performed at official events in the Asir region and many artists who perform them pretend to be women.

Well it’s not like they’ve ever seen any actual women. No word on the ancient bedouin practice of prancing around firing semi-automatics into the air at weddings, football matches, and generally whenever they feel excited.