Developed countries must become more culturally diverse because they need workers while poorer regions have high unemployment, says head of International Organization of Migration

  • For the refreshing honesty, why don’t they just admit that they want slave labour?

  • Ed

    Key word… “workers.”

    Not welfare sponges.

    We’ll see how well you do.

  • Dana Garcia

    Developed countries no longer need imported worker bees: we have rapidly improving machines. In fact, we’ll be lucky if there are any jobs left in a few decades.

  • Millie_Woods

    “..the world is bound to become more diverse in terms of culture, ethnicity and religion.”

    Actually the world is bound to be plunged into chaos as western populations are replaced by third world parasites. The head of the International Organization of Migration knows that too, but lying like a fucking sneak is all his kind knows.

  • Petrilla

    Sorry old fella, time for you to be put to pasture where you can’t do any more harm. The Free Western world needs educated workers. Not this dreadful Muslim army of men with a grade 2 education. Now millions of them overrunning each country they get to. Many blogs are posting the truth. They are leaving garbage and their own feces everywhere, yesterday they burned down the tents they were given. Throwing food given back at those giving it makes you wonder. Do these sound like they are willing to work in German factories? Factories renowned for innovation and precision, Volkwagon excepted at the moment. What bothers me is German renters for 30 years or so now kicked out of their own homes for this rabble army, same in many other Euro countries like Sweden. Where is the sense? Where is the logic? One country has these men in classrooms with 9 year old children. No problem there, eh?

  • tom_billesley

    “International Organization of Migration” is something we don’t need