Camp Of The Saints News…

Norway Islamist risks terror recruiting charge

France: 96 percent of asylum rejects stay

Italian mayor offers ‘gun bonus’ to citizens

Spain: Judge questions ‘good Catholic girl’ who converted into a ‘bride of Isis’

Sweden: Lone refugee kids in to top 30,000

Denmark preparing harder residency rules

Austria: Chechen on trial for funding jihadist group

Denmark: UN Quota Refugee and Serial Rapist Faces Expulsion

  • ntt1

    this needs to be e-mailed to prime minister shiny pony in large print with a breakdown of hard words into simpler synonyms. on constant repetition it might start to sink in …unless he is basically evil like mad mutter merkle

    • mobuyus

      His handlers make darned sure that he never lays eye on any of this.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    GUN BONUS?…my favorite Italian would be a Tanfoglio Appeal, in .22 WMR…..

  • Petrilla

    Nice army coming down the road, eh?

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Dear Justin
    Congratulations on your big win. Now, don’t delay in making good on your promise to import as many Muslims as humanly possible as quickly as possible. We eagerly anticipate all the social cohesion and harmony they promote.
    Best regards
    D i NB