Bangladesh: Islamist group tells women to ‘stay at home’, media to support jihad

Police said on Tuesday they were investigating an email sent to various media outlets reportedly by a banned Islamist group in Bangladesh threatening to topple “towering buildings” and telling the media not to run anything that goes against what the mail describes as jihad.

The email sent after a series of deadly attacks targeting moderates and foreigners contains a six-point directive that includes telling women to stay at home. It urges businesses to fire any female employees, and says that working outside of the home is a “punishable offense” according to Sharia, or Islamic law. It does not elaborate what would constitute appropriate punishment.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    The Islamist group is only reminding the Muslim women and Muslim journalists of Bangladesh of their respective duties as Muslims.

    The Islamists are just a bunch of women-hating murderers.
    (I mean that as an insult, but, an Islamist would take it as a compliment and proof of his/her commitment to his/her ‘religion’.)

  • This is a perfect example of how Islam works.

    Unseen religious thugs, hide within the population. They threaten and kill those who challenge Islam or Sharia law.

    It is only takes a small percent of willing religious thugs to force all into compliance with Sharia.

    As the percentage of Muslims in the population goes up, so does the fear factor. And it is this fear factor that forces all into being good Muslims.

    Read how it all works at my thesis “Islam is Fear” at:

  • Gary

    They sure like our welfare .