Women ‘thieves’ receive 30 lashes each on the orders of a sharia judge… after they tried to take back property that ISIS fighters had stolen from their homes

Four women were publicly flogged 30 times by a Saudi Sharia judge after they were found guilty by an ISIS court for stealing.

The women were caught entering their own property and attempting to remove their possessions after they had been confiscated by ISIS.

The shocking public beating was carried out by a Saudi Sharia court judge in ISIS territory in the province of Deir Ezzor, situated in eastern Syria.

  • ontario john

    The women are obviously Islamophobic.

    • Heil Hitler

      I’m worried about Turdeau using Canada as a conduit for hijab wearing dóuche bags invading the USA, he is just like that fággot jéw Hollande… Le juive occupé gouvernement français a mis Jean-Marie Le Pen en prison pour avoir critiqué l’islam!


  • Hard Little Machine

    Who cares? The day ISIS is ever beaten these are the morons who will take their place.

    • They voted for Justin.

      • Heil Hitler

        The Canadian border should the first one to fence off… Canada has lots of hijab wearing dóuche bags coming down I-5 in 18 wheelers… I see them all the way from L.A. to Seattle…