What happened last night?

The conservatives were defeated by a party lead by the dumbest Prime Minister Canada will ever have.

That’s what happened.

I don’t know why for certain, others may, but that won’t stop me from taking a stab at it anyway.

The ususal suspects certainly played a role.

When you promise the national broadcaster a truckload of money you can be assured of favourable campaign coverage, complete with eye watering double standards.

Canada’s media is like an incestuous family with the CBC as MotherCorp, they’re all in on it.

All parties, all leaders have a shelf life.

The CPC lost its populist appeal, they became as all governing parties must, “the government”.

My personal tipping point was the TFW scandal, a fiasco which continues to this day. (Note I did vote for them last night just the same.)

Outsourcing immigration to corporate interests allowing them to suppress wages was probably a bad idea in retrospect.

I am surprised that the TFW failed to register as an election issue.

This is likely because it touched on the 3rd rail, well one of the multiple 3rd rails that criss-cross Canada’s political landscape; immigration.

Elections and the business of governance are all about divide and conquer and in Canada that’s achieved by official multiculturalism.

All the parties use this con-game to pay off their designated ethnic strongmen in return for votes, except they call it outreach not bribery.

They will claim that such “diversity” makes us stronger.

That same “diversity” has made Great Britain so “strong” that the government has launched a program to root out Muslim extremists who have infiltrated the public sphere.

Others trace their loss of faith and the CPC demise to their treatment of the military, as valid a reason as any, each one personal.

There are as many reasons as there are Liberal MP’s I imagine.