Warnings over resurgence of German far-Right movement Pegida sparked by refugee crisis

Fears are growing in Germany of a far-Right resurgence stoked by the refugee crisis, after nearly 20,000 took to the streets of Dresden in the biggest rally by the Pegida anti-immigrant movement for months.

Martin Schulz, the German president of the European parliament, warned of the potential for “far-Right violence and brutality” while Sigmar Gabriel, the German vice-Chancellor, accused Pegida’s leaders of using the “battle rhetoric” of the early Nazi party.

The charge came as one of the speakers at a massive Pegida rally in Dresden spoke of regret that “the concentration camps are out of action”.


Oddly the “concentration camp” remark was made by a German of “Turkish” origin…

A Turkish-born German author and known PEGIDA supporter Akif Pirincci is facing stern criticism after speaking at a rally. His book publisher canceled all contracts, even PEGIDA’s co-founder apologized for his comments.

MP’s of Merkel’s own government have drawn up plans to seal the borders in defiance of her suicidal “refugee” policy

Wanted because of hypocrisy

Wanted because of hypocrisy