POLITICO: Thinking “Europe is Christian” Is “Wacky”

According to POLITICO magazine, a desire to preserve the Christian heritage of Europe is “wacky”. Also deemed bizarre are: people not welcoming violent migrants, dismay at the fact that diseases long-eradicated in Europe are now making a return, and concern that European cultures are being eroded.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It sure looks like Israel is doing a better job of preserving Europe’s high cultural heritage than Europeans themselves.

  • occupant 9

    The Left is as bad as Islam in appropriating history and culture. Recall how Canada had a feared fighting force in WWII and after … only to be told by the Left that we have ALWAYS been a “peacekeeping” nation.

    The Left stole our military history and castrated it, as they castrate all things manly.

    And we must remember that the one thing the Left excels at is lying.

    • Beatrice Martinez


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  • Xavier

    In the past, second generation immigrants were usually assimilated into the host culture to the point they were considered natives. Today, an alarming number of second generation immigrants grow up steeped in hatred and are willing to wage war against their own country. This doesn’t happen to one race or national origin of immigrants; instead it can be traced to a specific religion and its teaching centers every time.

    Either our leaders will do something now or citizens will do something later. That is inevitable; free people will not live under the yoke of Islam without resisting, but it will have to become personal before they will act. Every society that has taken in large numbers of so-called “refugees” has planted the seeds of insurrection and civil war within their borders; it is as certain as the rain – the only question is when it, and they, will fall.