Islam and the Fall of Europe

A duality, Islam is first and foremost a political movement ensconced in a religion from which it expresses its imperialist nature through a multi faceted concept known as jihad. Christian Europe today, among other factors to be discussed later, lacking cognizance of Islam’s millennial ploy of hegemonic control via emigration, is saddled with a demographic birthrate inverse to that of their new emigres.

Europe is in the throes of Islamization.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    The welfare state is the moth to a flame.

  • A good article, sums it up clearly. One thing still little clarified however is why European leaders are so naive or treacherous. Why? Why?

    • Xavier

      I struggle with that question too. Hubris?

  • Ron MacDonald

    The problem with Europe is its progressive politicians, I have faith in the common worker who is fed up with the abuse of their system. It’s only a matter of time before this frustration turns into rage and then Europes progressive and radical Muslims will pay the price. The end result won’t be pretty. In the 1980’s no thought the Balkans would turn into a blood bath, but it did. The same will happen in European countries most effected by the Muslim onslaught.

    • Beatrice Martinez


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  • Hard Little Machine

    Postwar Europe is a continent in search of a faith. In anything. What that thing is, is unimportant. What you’re watching isn’t the expansion of the welfare state but the end of it, as a faith, a creed. Europeans for 70 years staked their identify, their belief, their pride, their souls on the Church of the Progressive Welfare State. But in the last 15 years or so it has not succored them as they had hoped. Their God hasn’t entirely failed them but He has proven to be fickle so the flagellates are looking to a new faith, any faith. And again it doesn’t matter what that faith is. Europe has ALWAYS swooned to power. Always. The Catholic Church, The kings and emperors, Communism, Nazism, The All Powerful Yet Caring Bureaucracy. And now Islam.