Couple quick thoughts on the Liberal majority

1. The pollsters did not see it coming. We had talked about this earlier:

“Election polling is in near crisis,” broods Cliff Zukin, a past president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research. “Our old paradigm has broken down, and we haven’t figured out how to replace it.” The reason? In a word, cellphones.

When you read their claims, you may as well be reading Space Aliens Land! News.

2. The people who don’t take pollsters’ calls and don’t bother with legacy media (MSM) are often pretty progressive/leftist/whatever in their outlook. Their attitude was never in any way a protest against MSM. Voters just don’t need MSM any more.

Therein lies peril. Canadians vote progressive but they don’t need the legacy media to tell them to. Thus MSM today need progressive government. As noted earlier, this likely means that legacy media will survive by becoming, ever more openly, government media.*

Let’s not kid ourselves that the public cares. How many Canadians who pay taxes to keep the CBC afloat actually watch it? They are too busy topping up their new media accounts to fret about funding the digital deadweight. Maybe the government can just tax “the rich” more for the purpose…

3. The challenge for independent media like BCF or Rebel is simply survival over the next decade. Government media are not friends to freedom of media, they are friends to perks and power. The more influence we have, the more of a problem we become. Also, would-be donors and viewers may be scared by the scent of trouble. Everyone wants to be free when it costs nothing, or someone else pays the cost. It’s different for a person who daren’t be seen reading the other side at home or at work.

4. Government attempts to control the Internet are certain to become an issue. Ask Matt Drudge. Expect many stories to roll out about the horrors of a freely searchable Internet. Much worse than free libraries or uncensored bookstores.

5. On the other hand, we can be reasonably sure of one thing: I can remember back to BIE (Before the Internet Era), the days of several editions of newspapers a day, mags in the mailbox, and everyone watching the nightly news and tuning in to radio news frequently.

In those days, journalists didn’t mind bringing down a fungible progressive ward heeler or two, to advance their careers. But that is because the public actually needed journalists. Now the power relationship is reversed. So for us, if we stay alive, the real news hunt has just got a lot richer!


  • We live in interesting times.

    • Jabberwokk

      Well I think im done with it. You just can’t beat stupid without beating it with a pipe. But then they just use that to smoke their weed.

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      =) yeah you are right .

      • dance…dancetotheradio


    • Clausewitz

      Sadly you’re right. Here’s hoping Turdo parties in a pot induced haze for the next three month’s so he can’t destroy the economy quite as fast as he wants to.

      • Edubeat

        Inhale> OMG that’s some good shit man< exhale

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    One thing most people DO NOT YET GET is how traditional TV media is in the very early stages of fragmenting into a zillion different segments that are actually accessible to anyone with some drive and the ability to write a good Kickstarter pitch.

    • mauser 98

      much of our media is state funded , controlled propaganda
      Pravda never had it so good

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        That is a huge advantage for team Liberal right NOW, but that advantage is evaporating like a cup of water in the Mojave Desert.
        I predict that this is the last election in Canada where that advantage will be in play.

        • Brett_McS

          Spot on. Apart from that, anything that actually relies on government – doesn’t support itself by generating a profit – is ultimately doomed.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Adam Carolla raised money for his new movie Road Hard by crowdfunding.
      He said he was glad to be to circumvent the Weinsteins.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Oh, and have you ever seen Trailer Park Boys?
      It is funded within the framework of subsidies available to all.
      But, it’s written and shot on a shoestring in two weeks in the summer and then everyone goes back to their day jobs.

  • mauser 98

    The Sun King / Wynne axis of taxes

  • Xavier

    If you think about where the left and right dominate, the left has huge strength in traditional media: newspapers, magazines, and television. The right dominates talk radio and much of the blogosphere.

    It should be obvious to anyone paying attention that traditional media is at best losing influence and realistically is going the way of the dinosaurs. The left can see their propaganda machine will fail as new voters grow up without any reliance on old media, so they have begun to attack the right’s control of new media. Behind the scenes, the FCC is being coaxed by our liberal overlords to implement changes that will severely restrict free speech online, and in particular “extremist” free speech – but who will be labelled an extremist? I think you know the answer to that. They’re also attempting to pass laws requiring radio stations to “balance” their programming by airing liberal programming in equal amounts as popular shows like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

    Like everything else the liberals do, these regulations are being forced upon us by decisions made in secret: you wake up one day and it’s the new law of the land. Our free speech and political discourse is being stamped out bit by bit; we are frogs being boiled slowly.

    • Alain

      You nailed it.

    • Exile1981

      Have you seen the press release from DOJ on the new anti-conservative domestic terrorism unit they are putting together? They have the SPLC advising it.

      • Xavier

        Yes. I hope we’ll be able to have a discussion of that here soon. It just boggles my mind that a hate group like the SPLC is in charge of labeling hate groups.

        • Send me some links and I will post on it.

          • Xavier

            I’ll try to round some up.

          • Thanks

          • Exile1981

            I sent it too you yesterday

  • Brett_McS

    The “progressiveness” of the people who bypass the media could well be a temporary phenomenon because the first generation that ignores the media is just coming through now. As everyone knows, only old people by newspapers. Soon everyone will bypass the ‘official’ media.

  • WalterBannon

    screw the media and screw talking. what this country needs is insurrection, civil war and a coup.

  • UCSPanther

    I propose we call Justin “Baby Doc”, like Jean-Claude Duvalier.

    • pike bishop

      I will be calling his government a junta.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Trade you a j for a c?

        • pike bishop

          J C eh…makes me think of Christmas oh and Justin’s birthday. Can you imagine the treacle that will flow out of the complicit media starting in about a month. Justin at home in Stornoway for Christmas. Yech.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Justin never lived in Stornoway as an adult.
            He will live in 24 Sussex.
            And that makes me very very sad.

          • pike bishop

            Whoops, 24 Sussex Dr.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I always get it mixed up with Number 10 Downing.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Conservatives should not be too upset about losing an election. Why? Because we don’t think the government plays as large a role in our prosperity as those on the left. Changes in government policy can be damaging, both economically and socially, but the spirit that makes us Canadian is enduring.

    Just as Harper was constrained from doing some of the things he probably would have liked, because of Canada’s liberal leanings, Trudeau will be constrained by our general sense of independence. Canadians still want to run their own lives, and aren’t going to let the Dauphin run wild.

    Free enterprise, private property, free speech, and the like will be threatened, but they bite back.

  • Tom Forsythe

    The good news is the collapse of the NDP. This could have been a lot worse.

    • UCSPanther

      The other good thing too, is that “Baby Doc” Trudeau is a lightweight who will learn the hard way that the world is wildly different from his father’s time.

      This ain’t the hippie era anymore. It is akin to the years leading up to WWI. Peace, love and flowers aren’t going to cut it in the face of rulers like Putin or ideologies like Islamic Fundamentalism.

      • Tom Forsythe

        I agree. Peace and prosperity did more for Trudeau the Elder than he did for peace and prosperity.

    • Ho Hum

      Had the NDP support held up Trudeau would not have got a huge majority. We would have been looking at a minority government instead. Ironically it is claimed that the Niqab issue that the Conservatives introduced into the election is what caused the NDP melt-down in Quebec. If true that campaign strategy sure backfired,.

      • Tom Forsythe

        Good point.

      • Yes it cost Mulcair dearly and benefited the useful idiot.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Furry faced fuck is going to try to hang on.
      Somebody is going to have to show him the door.
      I don’t believe how he squandered his big chance.

  • The__Hammer

    The good news is now he actually has to run the country, instead of just talk about it. Good luck kid, you are going to need it.

    • disqusW6sf

      It will be interesting to see him fumble and without doubt he will.

  • The Phantom

    As I’ve been saying over at Kate’s, the one thing I’m 100% sure of is that I don’t understand Canadians, despite being one. I do not have a clue.

    The other thing that has emerged from this, I’m getting kinda eager to see this whole fucking thing implode. I hope the Pony does bring half a million Syrians to Toronto by Christmas. They voted for it, they should bloody well get what they wanted. Good and hard!

    • Brenda2600

      But you will pay for it and they will make sure the new ones find their way to the rural areas.

      • LauraS

        Spoke to my husband about this tonight. What is our exit strategy? In our town, we are getting a mega-mosque. I’m seeing more and more burqas, niqabs and other examples of sharia law. This is a former bastion of WASP millionaires. What do we do when our community has muslim no-go zones? When the ponzi scheme that is public sector pensions/benefits/etc. comes home to roost? What can we do to ensure our savings/RRSPs/TFSAs aren’t confiscated by the government for the “greater good?” Perhaps things won’t play out like the worst-case scenario in four years, and maybe things will turn around…but I have low expectations of my fellow Canadians.

        • Clink9

          Time to somehow go Galt.

    • El Martyachi

      I want the housing bubble to pop.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        It will.
        All of the things that Harper did to keep it going have just evaporated.

    • I attended a Pro-Assad Rally at Queen’s Park and I estimate at least 3000 people showed.

      They’ll mix well with the displaced Sunni’s Junior will flood us with.

    • Xavier

      In the States, we have a saying: Let it burn.

    • canminuteman

      Agreed. My riding reelected the same conservative who has held the seat for a decade, and our provincial member is NDP.

  • canminuteman

    A lot of pollsters did see it coming as I recall. We were just trying to find excueses for why they might be wrong.

    • Xavier

      How can you tell the difference between propaganda and polls?

  • Liberal Progressive

    We need progressive governments and we need public financial support to ensure a progressive media.

    • Xavier

      Excellent sarc, dude.

    • Clink9

      Ya, and why the hell don’t we have a government newspaper?

      • Observer

        You mean the Red Star isn’t the voice of the Liberal Party?