Canadian Trudeaumania Celebrates A Return To The 1970’s – While Drudge and America Asks: “Who Is He?”

passedout drunk and drugged lady

The CAN-do spirit of Canadian Liberty is not dead, she’s just taking a nap

Personally, I had just assumed that Mr. Trudeau had done other things that were left off his resume simply for reasons of ‘brevity’.

Fortunately, the intrepid NYTs (and Yahoo) is there to fill in us ignorant Yanks about Trudeau “the man” who’s own resume it would appear attempts to damn its owner ‘with faint praise’. So here is an outsider’s look at the phenomena known as Trudeaumania 2.0

His Top 10 qualification thus far (according to almost all American media outlets):

  1. He’s not only a “heart throb”, but also a man of substance (because this is a fluff piece and we say he is)
  2. His legislative achievements are that he was a bouncer/bartender at a bar, an avid snow boarder (and instructor), and one of the first people of the twenty-first century to both obtain a B.A. in English and French Literature and to hold a job that is not in any way connected with Starbucks
  3. “He’s not the smartest guy in the room,” observed former senior Liberal MP Bob Rae (but don’t take that as a liability)
  4. He occasionally enjoys a bit of the reefer while entertaining at home (no word on if his private skull bong has a maple leaf in place of the obligatory pentagram)
  5. In 2000 Justin’s stoic yet fashionable “mop of dark curly hair” gave the eulogy at his father’s funeral where he was first noticed by media party talent scouts
  6. He’s “tall and athletic”, because “Mr. Trudeau boxes once or twice a week”
  7. His strategic use of “vulgar metaphors” in describing his political opponent’s real efforts to fight ISIS was a breath of fresh air to Canadian political discourse
  8. The Trudeau family are “Canada’s Kennedys”!
  9. In 2005, Trudeau married a television host (now a ‘certified’ Yoga instructor) and they had thee kids with mostly stupid names
  10. Trudeau was first elected in 2006 in a “gritty, working-class neighborhood” of Montreal (which is odd for a man who seems to be free of any “grit” what-so-ever).

Justin Trudeau’s mantra is summed up by his quote from a Daily Mail interview: “Boxing’s not about beating up on the other guy. It’s about sticking to your plan while the other guy takes shots at you,”.

I don’t know Justin. Having previously boxed myself, “beating up the other guy” usually wins the day in that sport.

  • Who’s that chick?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Hot, eh? 🙂

      • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

        Hot mess.

        With a partially exposed left nipple too!

    • canminuteman

      Trudeau’s mother after a night with the Rolling Stones?

      • ed

        Not true, but you might be on to something about the Rolling Stones and their supporters behavior. Human nature what it is, it is not surprising.

    • Xavier

      That’s Evie, my old girlfriend. PolySci major.

  • NoPasaran

    We aren’t ignorant of him, we’re repelled.

  • simus1

    Both half right.
    Boxing at its best is the mind game art of convincing your most lethal opponent that his best punches are having no serious effect on you and that he is doomed.

  • mauser 98

    that could be an old picture of Maggie
    …add Ron Wood.. your home!

  • ed

    Lion King 2.0, Worldly Statesmen, the Obama you wish you had, call it what you want, this is the power of positive, take the high road, stratosphere inspired politics. Bravo Canada!

  • disqusW6sf

    A wake up call. Don’t trust anyone under thirty.