This is Why Muslim Refugees Should NEVER EVER Be Allowed To Settle In The West Under Any Circumstances


The Islamic State-supporting teenager, who is watched by ASIO and the Australian Federal Police, told ABC’s 7.30 tonight that “everyone wants to die for Allah”.

“Of course it is a tragedy,” he said of Curtis Cheng’s murder. “Still, he was working with the police, government, so he’s working for them.”

When pressed further about why he found it hard to care about Cheng’s death he said: “Because they don’t say anything about the Muslims, why should I please them, why should I please the disbelievers? Why should I show that I care about them? Which I don’t.”

The unidentified man arrived in Australia at the age of 10 as a refugee from Afghanistan. He and his brothers fell into a life of violence with criminal gangs and one of them is serving a life sentence for murder at Goulburn’s Supermax prison.

The man knew accused terror plotter Omarjan Azari and said Farhad Jabar preached Islam to him. “I met Omar in school, he used to teach me how to pray and we used to go to mosques together,” he said.

“We used to do a lot of things together. From that, like, he used to be — he finished school and I was by myself and after that. I used to listen to sheiks, listen to the lectures, to get myself educated. “I used to preach. I used to speak to people about Islam, and like, the non-believers. I used to advise them to come to Islam. It’s our life, you know.”

The man said “no comment” when asked if he would die for Allah.

When pressed again he added: “It’s gonna lead us to trouble. Like ASIO and AFP. And they’ll probably think I’m gonna plan a terrorist attack or something like that.”

He denied having any role in the death of Cheng and said he last saw Jabar a fortnight before the attack, at Parramatta Mosque.

“There’s no other law except Allah’s law,” he said.

“People that smoke drugs, there’s no cigarettes, no brothels, no clubbing, all shut down. That’s what we want. Stop the bombing overseas. Stop killing our Muslims. And the war will be over.”