Things to come… #elxn42

A liberal government?

We’ll know tonight.

Let’s hope the polls are wrong, again.

What can we expect under a Liberal government?

Look to Justin’s adviser’s for guidance. They fill his empty head with feel good rhetoric while pulling Justin’s puppet strings.

Fear them, not Justin.


The economy will suffer, look to Ontario for a taste of your future Canada.,

The decline of manufacturing in the province is due to a number of factors such as a near crippling debt and all play a role but paramount have been the disastrous “Green” energy policies crafted during a decade of Liberal mismanagement.

Justin’s top adviser, Butts had a big hand in that disaster and he will seek to work the same magic on you all.

Enjoy being impoverished in the name of “sustainability”.


Ontario is governed by Predatory Public Service Unions,  some 2 million members reside in Ontario alone.

The unions have kept the most corrupt government in Ontario’s history in power.

Justin will follow his mentor Wynne’s example and  pay off the public service with your money to ensure continued union support.

Justin’s  election bribes will ensure that the ROC enjoys the same decline in their credit rating as Ontario.

You will be poorer. Count on that.


Islam’s insinuation into the social fabric will be eased under the useful idiocy of Justin’s tenure.

Trudeau adviser Omar Alghabra is just the tip of that spear.

The Liberals are a brokerage party, their beloved multiculturalism is simply a means to divide and conquer the electorate.

Expect the Liberals to open the immigration floodgates as just one reward to their local ethnic strongmen.


We will be less free.

Expect the Long Gun Registry to be resuscitated… and worse.

I fully expect that Justin will resurrect Canada’s Thought Crime Law, Section 13.

It will be used exclusively against anyone who questions immigration, Islam, or multiculturalism.


Justin is the exemplar of nice hair privilege, that is his sole qualification to be Prime Minister.

If elected this will be Canada’s image on the world stage.

Justin Trudeau. Exemplar of Nice Hair Privilege.

God Forbid.