The impact of mass Muslim immigration in Europe will be felt in Australia

The arrival of about a million Muslim men in Europe during 2014 and 2015, most of them unaccompanied, most not refugees from Syria, and most of whom would have been classified as illegal immigrants until European border control was plunged into turmoil earlier this year, has set in train a political shock wave. Some tremors will even be felt in Australia.

Already, hundreds of news reports about crime involving newly-arrived Muslim immigrants, and young women being warned by European authorities to wear modest clothing, have changed the public discourse.

Conservative parties are rapidly gaining ground. One of the European politicians harvesting increased support, Geert Wilders, is scheduled to arrive in Australia today.

The main political parties and mainstream media in Europe, having both tried to put a lid on stories which reflect poorly on new arrivals, have lost control of the debate. It has shifted, en masse, to social media.