Our Future Under Justin… UK launches hunt for Muslim extremist infiltrators across public sector #elxn42

A major drive is to be launched against “entryist” infiltration of the public sector, charities and businesses by Islamist and other extremists as a key part of the government’s new counter-extremist strategy.

The drive will start with a full review, to report by next year, of all public institutions – including schools, colleges, the civil service and local authorities – to safeguard them against the risk of “entryism” by extremists.

The new strategy says the drive against entryism is a key component of the new “counter-ideology campaign at pace and scale” to combat Islamist and other forms of extremism in Britain.

The proposals were immediately condemned as “counter-productive” by the Muslim Council of Britain, which denounced their “McCarthyist undertones”.


Infiltration by Muslim extremists will be the norm under a Trudeau government.

Telegraph – Extremist ‘infiltration’ in hospitals, schools and civil service to be investigated

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  • tom_billesley

    But McCarthy was right ….

  • AmicusC

    terrorists don’t like people looking for terrorists. that’s too bad. its cheaper just to kick them all out don’t do this piecemeal.

  • John

    What Muslim umbrella group would ever be onside when it came to flushing out extremists?

    • Beats me.

    • tom_billesley

      None of them, and that includes the UN.

  • Exile1981

    No Muslims should be in teaching positions, or work in hospitals or in government service. It’s a recipe for terrorism slipping though the cracks in society.

  • moraywatson

    Of course muslims are upset. People are starting to get in the way of their whole totalitarian-supremacy thingy.

  • huh

    make it easy on yourselves
    Don’t let people of that warring religion into your country