ISIS drag Libyan captive to his death behind a TRUCK

ISIS have released a new shocking video showing an alleged spy being dragged to his death behind a vehicle in Libya.

The horrific footage shows the man being tied up to the back of the truck and driven along the main road until he dies from his injuries.

  • Barry Thornton

    Coming soon to a Canadian street near you

  • Clink9

    After watching this election I feel like that guy.

  • eMan14

    Such crazy and fun guys. I wonder how we can get more of them over here???

    • WalterBannon

      Turdeau is right on top of that

      • eMan14

        I believe you

  • dswami

    Okay, sadly goodbye Canada. Trudeau won with a big majority. Guess, beheadings and other shit will be coming to a street near you. Canada might go the way of Europe.

    • shasta

      Not might, it will go that way.

    • Gary

      Don’t forget the islamists that will now bomb gay Bars and use pressure cookers at PRIDE parades because Justin toured the radical homophobic mosques to assure the islamists they can live by sahria law in Canada and that dual citizen Jihadists won’t lose their citizenship after they slaughter us for allah.
      The Sunni whahhbai mosque he went to condoned child-bride pedophilia, so Justin better lock up his daughters and put his wife in a Niqab.
      His Dad mocked the threat from Hitler and told the Quebec French that Hitler was a Anglo problem for the UK and not a French problem. Oh well, then came June 1940 when Hitler rode into Paris to claim it after the Nazi took it over.

      Poor Justin, he made promises to gays, women and islamists but must have been like Boob Rae in Ontario when he didn’t expect be Premier after his string of promises during the campaign .
      I guess it’s off to Russia to tell off Putin and then Air-Drop parka’s to the Refugees caused by ISIS.

      • Xavier

        Those are all Harper’s fault now.

  • Barrington Minge

    Only the 7th century death cult which poses as a “religion” would allow its followers to behave in this barbaric manner.
    They are more commonly known as muslims and seem to think that the civilised world owes them some kind of respect.
    Respect cannot be simply demanded. Respect has to be earned. Civilised people will never respect muslims as long as they continue to behave in this barbaric way.
    But of course they just don’t get it.

  • Xavier

    When I see videos like this it makes me realize I could do something, without compunction, that would get me banned for saying it.

    It is in all of us you just need to channel it to be used for good.

  • Shebel

    Muslims torturing and killing people is becoming so mundane.

    Just imagine the Front Page News —if Muslims actually did something NICE ,for a change.

    • Gary

      The western Media hasn’t noticed yet that Ramadan is 1/12th of the year where we hear the Imams and cleric say that they MUST do acts of charity and be kind.
      Most other faiths are inside the followers and it’s expected to be kind every day of your life to do charity and help the needy.
      No big shock to me that the remaining 11/12th there are rabid savages doing acts of barbarism for that Muhammad touch .

  • FunkyWinkerbeans

    I don’t remember reading in the koran anything about death by dragging.