ISIS barbarity: How 100,000 Christians fled Mosul in ONE NIGHT

Father Douglas Bazi revealed how 100,000 Christians fled the Iraqi city of Mosul in one night after the jihadi fanatics embarked on a “genocidal” campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Giving a shocking insight into life under ISIS rule, the clergyman told how the Christian population of Iraq has been decimated from a high of two million in 2003 to just 180,000 today.

He also revealed how jihadi fighters summarily torture and kill the families of those who speak out against them and regularly use girl sex slaves to pay for basic services including medical care

  • infedel

    Hey femanazis — what are you doing for these ‘sex-slaves’; a term and practice that should not be in our lexicon yet alone modern day reality.

  • And guess who wants to stop killing them?

    • infedel

      Not the pope — climate change and acceptance of our genocide.

      • I was referring to Trudeau but, please- aim at low-hanging, irrelevant fruit.

        • infedel

          True, sorry, but they about the same lately with msm and the indoctrinated…all low hanging.

    • canminuteman

      He’ll make sure they have nice winter coats though right?

    • Valerie Coon

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  • eMan14

    If that isn’t the closest thing to genocide, what is?

    • Trudeau will withdraw this country from the region and the raping of women and children will go on unabated.

      Thank your nearest Liberal voter for permitting violence against women.

  • Ho Hum

    Almost 2 million Christians have disappeared from Iraq – a huge story that the msm have completely ignored. What happened to the Christians? Where did they go? How many were killed?

  • Poor people. I especially pity the girls who are made sex slaves at the hands of such evil animals. Muslims are worse than Nazis.

  • Manny Rodriguez

    Middle-Eastern Christians are experiencing the hatred they themselves imposed upon Jews for centuries. I hope this will change their opinion about Jews and Israel.

    • And yet they live with them without beheading them.

      How strange…