Hitler’s Rehabilitation Begins!

Yeah, THAT Hitler!

I don’t know much about history so I’m not really sure what the uproar is all about, but he seems like an OK chap.

Thank you Anti-Fa and all the assorted leftists of Europe for summoning “Gozer the Destructor” for the rest of us.

He’s coming and when he does he will be well received, of that I am quite certain. He just hasn’t chosen his form yet.

  • Bizarre!

  • AmicusC

    I think this was on brietbart. its suppose to be some show as if hitler didn’t actually die but he missed the last like 50 years so now he has to try and understand what technology is and that sort of thing.
    the actor was crying about people walking up to him and saying miss you and hugging him when he was in costume filming by Brandenburg gate. he was “weirded” out by these people being emotional and happy to see hitler.
    just another point in the column of leftists and media failing to realize that the huddled masses don’t take well to invasion and they will defend their culture and country if the leaders don’t.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      I have for a long time imagined him appearing in the following commercial.

      “Do you know me? I started World War II and sent millions of people to concentration camps. But that’s all ancient history now. That’s why I carry the American Express Card. It brings me orderly and punctual service everywhere I travel, from Berlin to Berchtesgaden to Buenos Aires.” [A card with his name appears.] Announcer: “You can apply for the American Express Card wherever you see this display.” Hitler: “The American Express Card — Don’t leave your bunker without it.”

  • Those silly krauts!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    At this point, it will take a “Hitler-like” person to drive the Muslims out of Europe and that man will be popular and well-received because it will be the least-worst-choice available.

    • Dana Garcia

      Only Merkel’s recent treason could make Hitler look good by comparison.

      My fantasy poll question for Germans: Who was worse for Germany, Merkel or Hitler? (Maybe wait till a few million more Syrian choppers arrive to make it interesting.)

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Germany survived (more or less) Hitler, but no country could survive what Merkel is doing, and she is taking Europe with her down that same path.

        Hitler did not do Germany or her neighbors any favors, but with the advance of time, and the cartoon villain way in which he and WWII are portrayed actually did MASSIVE harm to the concept of “never again”.
        Europe is so screwed.

  • andycanuck

    A tea-total, non-smoking, vegan animal lover (or dog at least) who was a war veteran. Not like that overweight, cigar-smoking drinker, Churchill!

    • David

      go figure