Historian Simon Schama looks down on grotty suburban types who oppose mass immigration

In that use of ‘suburban’ Schama showed something a lot of us had suspected – which is that for a certain type of globe-trotting international celebrity, any concern for borders, national identity and cultural continuity are not just beneath them, but actively ‘common’.  Of course, like so many other advocates of mass immigration, Simon Schama can probably live pretty much where he wants.  And if the area around him goes somewhat downhill because the neighbours all start to come from the rougher corners of Eritrea then Simon Schama can move.  And he will probably move to a very nice area.  But of course not everybody has that choice.  And one thing we can all be certain of is that Simon Schama will probably never choose to live in Bradford, Malmo or any of the (dare I say it) ‘suburbs’ outside Paris. Yet all the time he will urge other peoples’ neighbourhoods to more closely resemble those great success stories, and look down at people from an ever-loftier height when they dare to object.

As a gay Jew he naturally wants as many fanatical Muslims in the UK as possible. It just makes sense. Nope, it seems that, somewhat to everyone’s surprise, he’s not gay.

h/t David Thompson

  • He really should move to Malmo.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And this is why Europe will unwind a thousand years soon.

  • SDMatt

    One of the constant themes in the comments over at Steve Sailer’s place is that the Jooos are “responsible” for the invasion of Western societies by “migrants.”

    While I hate to pull the “not all x are y” card used by the Left, I generally do when reading this stuff, but I have to admit that there’s something to it: there is a portion of the Jewish people – gay or otherwise(!) – that have a real lack of common sense and/or a real bullheadedness when it comes to advocating for the importing of the very people who have made their peoples’ lives miserable for centuries and are openly advocating for the destruction of the Jews.

    Sailer’s crowd attributes this to the Jooos being fifth columnists, that they’re Jews first and not really American/Canadian/whatever, which is an incredible slander. Personally I think it comes from a genuine goodheartedness at the core of their faith and their culture, but man, sometimes the cluelessness and stubourness is astounding.

    I don’t know Schama much; I’ve seen him presenting his books on TV and I’ve quite liked it. But as an elite, yes, no burkas are going to be moving into his neighbourhood. That’s what we lowly-types should aim for: if you’re going to import these types into our neighbourhoods then we’ll find a way to make you and your family suffer in the same way ours do. There’s no need to sit back and take this shit from anyone.

    • I’m Jewish and agree with your comment. There are some really stupid Jews around, as there are some really stupid non-Jews around. The relative proportions hardly matter – this is the spirit of the times at work.

  • edlancey

    It’s the other one, David Starkey, who’s a bit light in the loafers.