Greenfield: Frustrated Muslims can’t stop killing Jews… and everyone else


Muslim violence is not about anyone else except Muslims. No one else is responsible for Muslim violence except Muslims.

The one thing that Muslim murderers excel at is playing the victim. Someone always “made” Mohammed do it. Someone got him so frustrated and upset that he had no choice but to rape and kill.

There’s a term for the kind of people who think like this; criminals. There’s a term for the kind of people who defend them; leftists.

The Muslim case for justice can be found in the books of a million police departments where all the stories begin with the criminal feeling sorry for himself and end in hospitals and morgues. The story always begins with, “I wanted what was coming to me” or “She shouldn’t have made me angry.”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Respect their cultural heritage!

    • Exile1981

      I think years of inbreeding has caused sexual dysfunction to millions of muslims and now rape and violence is the only thing that can help them get it up.

  • Alex

    Greenfield’s point was well taken (if expressed a tad repetitively): muslim violence is about muslims. Period.

    One would have thought that an application of Occam’s Razor, if nothing else, might have led more people to this conclusion. But the trouble is, most who claim that muslim atrocities are due to peripheral causes actually realize that this isn’t the case. However, for various reasons (including good old-fashioned fear and cowardice) they strive heroically to maintain the ludicrous “nothing to do with Islam” fiction.

  • pdxnag

    The supremacist imperative of the Muslim invaders is simultaneously the most hostile feature of pious Muslims and the first thing avoided (but can’t be honestly denied) by their local not-yet-Muslim totalitarian (Fascist) allies. The remedy is nothing short of full expulsion.