Europe’s first national election since mass Muslim invasion drives power to conservatives

Switzerland just elected a new parliament, and a conservative, anti-immigration party, the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) won a record vote, enabling it to form a government with a conservative majority. The political fallout in Europe is just beginning, and Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats in Germany had better take notice.

  • The SVP has 30% of the lower house (national council), but the upper house (states council) is not yet determined; not is the all-important federal council determined (that’s the government, the executive). So it’s too early to call it a victory. Still, yesterday was a pretty good day for the right in Switzerland. There’s hope.

    • AmicusC

      unfortunately I think there are too many idiots that just want to get high.

      • Alain

        No, unfortunately we did not have such a party as a choice. Had we had such a party I wager it would have won hands down.

        • AmicusC

          Are u unfamiliar with the campaign promises? Because it seems u are.

          • Alain

            I would be very surprised that such campaign promises were made as I have neither seen nor heard anything about standing up for Canada and Canadian values. That I would be unaware of them confirms that they did not make this a major issue. I would expect a promise to invoke the not withstanding clause if necessary when courts defy Parliament. I would expect the promise to ban anyone hiding their face any where in public as in France. I would expect the promise to greatly reduce immigration numbers and that only those whose beliefs and culture are compatible with ours to be accepted. I would expect a strong and vocal stand for the freedom of expression. These are just a few things I would expect for a “Canadian People’s Party” equivalent.

          • AmicusC

            Ur a goof trudeau promised pot legalization if u don’t know that ur an idiot.

          • Alain

            No, you seem to have a problem understanding English. I clearly referred to the CPC and the stand they should have taken. Nothing whatsoever to do with the Liberals.

          • AmicusC

            Non of ur ignorant replies to my comments except for this latest referred to cpc either way u started responding to my comment about people wanting to get high saying no party had that platform . The fact that u r a retard that doesn’t know that Justin promised that isn’t my problem . We did have a party that promised that and they did win hands down

    • eMan14

      It may not be perfect, but it is good news. I’ll take it.

  • Brett_McS

    The German Christian Democrat party is quite good, according to a conservative German friend, but it must no longer be Merkel’s.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Don’t get your hopes up. The Retards Have Spoken.

  • The__Hammer

    Switzerland is an oddball country anyway and not part of the EU. It is likely they could hold out and remain a bastion of civility in the new savage Eurabia.

    • Actually, that was one of the two main issues in this Election. Apart from the immigration issue, there was the issue of submission to EU diktats. The Swiss left and so-called center, and the mainstream media, all want to commit Switzerland to EU laws, which means effectively that the Swiss people would no longer be the Sovereign, but have to tow the EU line, including on immigration. The leftists are very powerful still in Switzerland, and only the SVP party has the balls to resist European hegemony and the looming Eurabian project. So Switzerland is not out of the woods, yet.

  • WalterBannon

    Meanwhile, the useful idiots in Canada are getting ready to elect Justin Trudope, a moronic socialist and anti-Semite.

  • kkruger71

    The sad part is no matter how many times people are warned they never seem to wake up and do things like this until after the fact. I really think it is going to take more than one larger scale attack to happen in Canada before the populous wakes up and sees the threat. And of course that will be after saying “Wow, there was no way to see this coming!”.

    • Alain

      Perhaps but I have yet to find anyone supporting people being able to vote wearing a mask and in fact are very angry over it. Had the PM made this a major issue and stated that he and his party stand for protecting Canada and Canadian values and are willing to take on the courts, he and his party would have gained a lot of support. Instead they allowed the far-left to set the rules and dictate the language.

  • Martin B

    The SVP are the good folks responsible for this glorious 2007 campaign poster:

    “Expel criminal foreigners for more security” is the gist of it.

    • Although the SVP won the popular vote and passed this criminal foreigners expulsion law, the leftists in power have simply ignored it and not applied it. This is the problem, that even in a hyper democratic country like Switzerland, the left regard themselves as the powers-that-be and have little regard for the People’s will.

  • Maggat

    A first tiny step forward? Let’s hope.