Why German Protestants Will Stop Converting Muslims

BERLIN – Barbara Rudolph, head of the Ecumenical Department of the Protestant Church in Germany’s Rheinland region, recalls speaking some time ago with Austrian sociologist Mouhanad Khorchide at an academic seminar. Khorchide, who holds the chair for Islamic Religious Studies at the University of Muenster, was explaining his belief that God loves all people – no matter their religion, or lack thereof – and that God only expects compassion and kindness towards others, not pious dogmas.

The comments are good.

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  • Drunk_by_Noon

    They are no-longer Christian, so it probably doesn’t matter what they do.

  • glasnost

    Perhaps those good Christians who want to make-nice with Muslims should supplement their Bible reading by delving into the Koran.

    • Carlos_Perera

      Actually–though I realize this was not your meaning–significant numbers of European (ex-) Christians, especially women (who are everywhere the more religiously-inclined sex), are voluntarily converting to Islam, with no doubt greater numbers to follow as more Christians leave the Faith and more Moslems immigrate to Europe . . . and proselytize aggressively. In matters of religious conversion, the zeal of the proselytizer counts for much more than the objective content of the religion.

      • Xavier

        “…the zeal of the proselytizer counts for much more than the objective content of the religion”

        Particularly when it is at the point of a sword – metaphorical or real.

    • Xavier

      Oh they will.

  • Dana Garcia

    A few years ago, the BBC produced a series of 4 documentaries, The Protestant Revolution, showing how the religious movement created the modern world of reason, capitalism and science.


    It’s sad to see that modern protestants don’t understand their history, although it’s a case of fish not noticing the sea.

    • Frances

      Part of the problem is that – in creating the modern world – they also created a world in which belief came to be scorned and ridiculed. The problem is, people need a belief system – reason, God, ideology (think Communism). So, faced with a bloodless Protestantism rooted more in vague do-goodism and “tolerance” (as in anything goes except what we don’t like) than Christ, people will turn to a faith which offers passion, certainty, and order.

  • Xavier

    Charlie Hebodism in disguise. Fear in the cloak of tolerance and goodwill.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    In Germany, the best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

  • Martin B

    Martin Luther is crying in his grave.

    “…a truly open and critical conversation between Christians and Muslims cannot be realized if both parties have a missionary agenda”

    These dhimmis can look forward to lots of truly open and critical conversation after they’ve been beheaded.