Never Eligible to Vote, Young ILLEGIAL ALIEN* DREAMER Plays A Key Role in Clinton Campaign


The L.A. Times writes a fawning piece on Hillary Clinton’s rather odd outreach program for Illegal Aliens who cannot vote.

Hillary Clinton will sell out to any group (from Illegals to BLMs) that she thinks she can use because real Americans will have nothing to do with her.

UPDATE: This story just gets better and better!

The communists love her!

This freeloader and her welfare-mooching parents brought her to the United States for FREE medical care (via Welfare) after she had her leg amputated in Peru. It appears she has been ‘on the grift’ for free goodies at the expense of American generosity ever since!

*Illegals that get a pass from the Obama administration and then marry a U.S. national seem to get fast-tracked to Citizenship. Try this stunt legally (and even Gavin McInnes will attest to it) and find out how far your white privilege gets you. It cannot be done.