A Still Small Voice of Sanity (Two of ‘Em, Actually) Amidst the Deafening “Let’s Rescue Syrian Refugees” Clamour

“…In their plea for funds and sponsorship, little attention has been paid to who these “Syrian refugees” include, or to distinguishing the true refugees from those who are part of the infiltration into the masses by members of ISIS, Syria’s secret police, Assad’s army, or their thousands of willing co-operators. No concern is being shown for their inevitable demand that the host countries adopt sharia law. Nobody is asking why recent news clips show primarily able-bodied and healthy-looking young men and few women, elderly or infirm people.”

  • Millie_Woods

    Actually, lots of people are asking why most of the so-called refugees are young men. But as usual, European governments won’t listen.

  • k1962

    Won’t be showing up at the meeting at my synagogue. I have better things to do with my money than use it bring people who hate and want to harm me to Canada. THANKS, BUT NO THANKS!

  • Waffle

    The irony!! Nobody — especially in ‘official’ Jewry — wanted to listen to Carr’s wife-to-be, Judy Leve Feld, when she tried to garner support for Syrian Jews who really were in danger. Through determined persistence, Judy prevailed. Her legacy is an Order of Canada and a lot of Syrian Jewish women named Judy.