A life-changing sneer: Why Christians should vote Conservative #elxn42


(please forward to any Canadian who has a vote that you think would not be offended)

Why churches fail in progressive societies:

A child can grow up in a religious home today and discover that there are really only two players that matter: himself and big government. The only mediator and advocate is his entitlement card.

As he loses all interest in traditional spiritual life, he discovers the true faith of the progressive society:

Government controls more and more important stuff, and free association controls less and less. Government grants “freedom” to indulge oneself, of course, but that is almost a sacrament, and one that tends to weaken the citizen.

The transformation does not happen all at once, but by degrees. Recently, I was informed by a woman who considers herself a Catholic that abortion and euthanasia are mere “boutique issues,” compared to the awful things [prime minister] Stephen Harper is doing.

Just take in her basic idea for a moment:

The fundamental duty of government is to protect and advance human lives, but progressives know that their real business is currying favour with the growing numbers of fashionable identity groups. Increasingly, such groups will finance their advances on the public dollar. Some of the largesse may come from stripping traditional religious people and institutions of their property (possibly also in fines for non-compliancewith some secularist belief). Most people we run into in the plaza will just be “nice” about the whole thing, no matter what is happening.

People will die but progressives will, um, progress.

  • No party will be philosophically perfect. This election presents moral quandaries.

    However, Justin Trudeau supports both Islamism and communism (RE: China, dictatorship) as well as abortion.

    Tell me how that’s good.

  • David

    Nothing need be said.

  • Millie_Woods

    Virtually every Catholic I know is voting Liberal or NDP. Socialism is in their blood, look at South America, Cuba, Spain, France….The last regular mass I went to, the entire sermon was an excoriation of Ralph Klein. I avoided shaking hand with the priest when leaving and I never went back.

    • David


      (Repost from December ARSH 2014 inspired by Cardinal Burke’s statement recently that he is, in fact, a fundamentalist. Well, of course he is. Anyone who actually believes anything is, with regards to that belief, a fundamentalist. To be a fundamentalist is nothing less than to believe what you believe. It is a truly, truly deranged and depraved mind that can hold as not just tenable, but admirable and virtuous that he does not actually believe what he believes. Te estoy mirando, Jorge.)

      I have been asked to comment repeatedly on Pope Francis Bergoglio’s recent trip to Turkey, his facing Mecca and saying to the Mufti beside him, “We must adore God” before “praying” for several minutes, and his remark that the koran is a book of peace.

      Sure. I can comment. It is extremely unpleasant, but I guess these things have to be said.

      First, we have to go back to the core premise and sick reality that most people in today’s post-modern western world give every possible appearance of “not actually believing any of that bullshit“. And by “bullshit”, I mean Christianity. It is a badge of honor, sign of self-regarded elite enlightenment and intelligence (yeah, that’s a laugh-out-loud line), and a prerequisite for membership in the “Cool Kids Club” to deny Truth, and self-loathe the very house you live in.

      Given this, most people, including it would appear Pope Francis, are incapable of processing how it is that musloids could possibly take islam and the koran seriously, because they have made quite clear that they do not take Christianity, the Bible including the words of Our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the teaching of His Body and Bride, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, the least bit seriously, and are embarrassed and enraged by those who do.

      And so, he tells musloid leaders to get islamic “fundamentalists” under control.

      And there’s the key word: fundamentalists.

      This is the definition of “fundamental”:

      Adjective form: forming a necessary base or core; of central importance; affecting or relating to the essential nature of something or the crucial point about an issue; so basic as to be hard to alter, resolve, or overcome.

      Noun form: a central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.

      The root is the Latin “fundare”, meaning “to found”.

      Now just sit in stillness with that for a moment.

      Pope Francis hates “fundamentalist” Catholics and rails against them, that is Catholics who ACTUALLY BELIEVE in the most basic fundaments of Christianity. In fact, he has already destroyed a very successful and thriving order called the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. What was their crime? Rampant sodomy? No. Teaching heresy? No. Escorting women into human abattoirs so they could slaughter their infant children? No. Their crime was that they believed in the Church and Her teachings, and preferred the Traditional Form of the Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass. They celebrated both forms, but preferred the Traditional Mass. And they were growing exponentially. Until last year, when Pope Francis destroyed them. What is worse, he is refusing to let the Friars be released to go elsewhere, for example back to their home dioceses, where their bishops want them and could use them. Again, their crime? They ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN CATHOLICISM. They are FUNDAMENTALISTS.

      So when Pope Francis goes before musloid leaders and tells them to “clamp down on fundamentalists”, he has street cred, because he has already destroyed one “fundamentalist” order, which has put terror in the hearts of every other genuinely, authentically Catholic order and fraternity out there. There is a palpable “lay low” mentality out there that simply did not exist two years ago today.

      Terror, rape, murder, theft, looting, pillaging, lawlessness, aggression and the establishment of a decadent, jackbooted micro-oligarchy are FUNDAMENTALS of the islamic political system. The koran is an explicit manifesto of this. The faux-religious facade – the promise of sex in the afterlife, the submission to a capricious, evil faux-deity – is just that, a facade, taken seriously by only by those of below-average intelligence (due largely to centuries of inbreeding) and by those who are demonically oppressed or possessed, of which there are likely tens if not hundreds of millions worldwide today.

      The difference here is the one thing that we are not allowed to speak about or even think in the rotting carcass of post-modern western civilization, (and now we see that this thoughtcrime also applies within FrancisNewChurch): There is ONE TRUTH. And what’s more, that ONE TRUTH resides in the Body and Bride of Christ – the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. One. There is ONE TRUTH. There is ONE TRUE RELIGION. One. The entire notion of “multiple truths” is self-contradictory, abject drooling nonsense.

      This statement is today the crime of crimes. Sodomy? Who am I to judge? Abortion? Quit obsessing. Marxism? If you’re against it you must hate the poor. The Sixth Commandment? You’ve GOT to be kidding.


      Since the post-modernists believe that there is no truth, or that there are multiple truths, which is at its core the same position as believing that there is no truth at all, they view Christianity and islam as being two variants on the same socio-political theme. And since all of the “Cool Kids” in the Catholic Church don’t actually believe any of that “Catholic bullshit”, they are mystified that there are actually musloids who actually believe any of their bullshit, and thus the admonition to get the “islamic fundamentalists” under control.

      In short, these people believe that a Utopia can be brought about by purging the human race of anyone who actually believes anything, first among them being people who believe in the Truth, namely orthodox, practicing Catholics. Because, let’s face it, that is the stumbling block, the wrench in the monkey works. And then, sure, there can be musloids, just as long as they don’t actually believe in the fundamentals of the islamic political system, and there can be Hindus and Buddhists, just as long as they don’t actually believe any of their crap, and there can be Mormons and animists, and heck even wiccans and satanists, just as long as they don’t actually believe or take seriously any of their crap either. In fact, humanity will be “enriched” by the “diverse tapestry” of religions, just as soon as nobody actually believes or takes seriously any of that bullshit.

      • Millie_Woods

        From one fundamentalist to another. Great comment David!

    • Bert_1

      That’s an interesting comment. I am a Catholic and I am certainly not socialist nor am I voting Liberal or NDP. I have never done any kind of poll at Church so I have no idea how the rest of my Parish is voting, though.

      As for the countries you mention, I find it interesting that they start out Catholic but once socialism is firmly entrenched, Catholicism becomes a bad word. Even here in Canada – look at Quebec. It was, originally, very staunchly Catholic. But, their social structure over the years has become very socialist. And what has happened to Catholicism in Quebec? What Catholicism? It is almost completely gone.

      I have never attended a Mass where the Pastor or Deacon preached for or against a particular candidate or even political ideology. The closest I have ever heard was when the congregation was reminded that we should vote for the candidate who supported Catholic ideology and opposed things like abortion. That’s it.

      • Millie_Woods

        That’s why I said ‘virtually’. I do know another Catholic who’s voting conservative.

        And as far as the anti-Klein rant goes, I was shocked to hear our priest go off on one of the few politicians in the country with the guts to stand up to the socialists in Alberta, including the ones within his own party.

        • Bert_1

          I agree wholeheartedly. But, Priests can, just like the rest of us, have his own political bent. If I may, I wouldn’t reject the Catholic faith just because your Priest was a socialist.

    • This Catholic has always voted conservative.

      • Millie_Woods

        I didn’t start until we had our first child. During the Mulroney years I couldn’t tell the difference between the three parties.

        • canminuteman

          During the Mulroney years there wasn’t much difference between the three parties.

        • Mulroney was a different kettle of fish.

  • glasnost

    What do you call people who were raised in Canada and live their lives according to Christian principles but don’t attend a Church or in any way profess their belief in the “story”? Are they Christians? They were raised in a Christian culture. Perhaps they’re “moderate Christians”.
    We seem to be enthralled with “moderate Muslims” and extol their secularity, yet Christians reject their secular sibs because they don’t ascribe to the “story”.