Trudeau Promises to Changes Taxes In the First 100 Days in Office

Stick it to him before he sticks it to us:

During a campaign stop in Halifax, the Liberal leader promised Canadians “collaborative, cooperative leadership,” should his party win the most seats after Monday’s vote.

The first piece of proposed Liberal legislation would lower taxes on the middle class, Trudeau said to reporters, by raising taxes on the wealthiest one-per cent.

Trudeau also highlighted the upcoming UN climate change summit in Paris as a priority for the Liberals. He’s said in the past that a Liberal government would work with the provinces in order to hammer out a climate change policy within 90 days of the summit. 

“That kind of collaboration will be the hallmark if we earn Canadians’ trust on Monday,” he said.

At this time, I am reminded of some ancient wisdom: do unto others… before they do unto you.