If progressives win, get ready for lots of manufactured news

On the eve of the Canadian election …

From Rebel Media: If progressives win, expect lots of manufactured news

Progressives in media aren’t actually “liars,” or “hypocrites,” as many traditionalists and conservatives claim. Such an accusation implies an understanding that facts and evidence are real in a way that PC chatter and narrative are not. The progressive doesn’t agree.

He honestly views reality as constructed, not confronted. He gives himself permission to move in and out and around as he wishes, and to force others to accommodate his moves. And woe betide us if we don’t. Whatever he feels right now IS reality, and much more than reality once he has the power to enforce his vision.

But, let’s face it, many people like the legacy media’s fake but accurate news. It confirms their view of the world, as surely as legends confirmed the medieval view of the world.

Increasingly, anyone under 60 who listens to “network news” or reads the big papers has made a moral decision to allow himself to be deceived, and must accept the consequences. Too bad if the rest of us will be governed in large part by these people’s choices. More.