U of Alberta’s “pro-choice” bullies symbolize what’s wrong with modern universities

Social issues at universities seem to always exert their presence on headlines nowadays.

The most recent is the story about a pro-life group at the University of Alberta, which is suing the U of A administration for failing to protect their right to free speech during a protest on campus last March.

  • AmicusC

    maybe this will help kill credentialism. post secondary only became important for a career because governments hamstrung employers from vetting employees.
    yes yes education in an of itself has value, but most don’t go to uni for enlightenment they go to get jobs.

    • Clausewitz

      And that is where the phrase, “Throwing good money after bad” originated.

  • irishrus

    free speech is only a right of the babbling left and they have to choke us with every brain fart they splurt out in solidarity

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