Teenage girl, 14, who was born after sperm donation and lives with her two mothers is ordered to stay in touch with her two fathers in an ‘extraordinary’ high court case

A 14-year-old girl who has been brought up by her two gay mothers has been ordered to develop a relationship with her sperm donor father following an ‘extraordinary’ high court battle.

The teenager, who has been at the centre of the litigation since she was seven, has been ordered to have ‘limited relationship’ with her biological father and his gay partner after the judge said it would be in her ‘best interests’ to have a male figure in her life.

The two fathers had not asked to see the girl, but had wanted an order for ‘indirect contact’ so they could send her cards, letters and gifts after the mothers apparently constructed a ‘high-wall fortress’.

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    I’m a butterfly, can’t you tell?

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    twitch…. twitch…. twitch…..

  • Get the spin doctor on this quick.

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    This sounds like some bad, off Broadway play.

  • tom_billesley

    Nobody sees any need for her to have a heterosexual figure of any kind in her life.

  • Xavier

    Finally, a court decision that everyone can find fault with.

  • ed

    sperm donations in the uk have dropped to 20 a year, after a new law gave the child a legal right to find the name of the donor

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    It is sickening to see that sad group of individuals called a “family”. I pity the children who were hatched from this misbegotten social experiment. I hope that as soon as they are old enough, they have the good sense to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the sorry excuses for adults that created this mess.