Palestinian disguised as a reporter stabbed an Israeli soldier before being shot dead

In these distressing images, a bloodied Israeli soldier lies wounded beside a knife-wielding Palestinian who was shot dead after disguising himself as a member of the Press.

Amid rising tensions in the region, the man dressed as a news photographer and then stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier.

As soon as his guise was uncovered, the man in black jeans and trainers was shot dead by Israeli troops.

  • SDMatt

    There just ain’t no end to the assholes who disguise themselves as “journalists.”


    Terrorists disguising themselves as Mideast journalists are like axe murderers disguising themselves as child molesters.

    David Burge (Iowahawk)

    • Clausewitz

      Assholes and Journalists are interchangeable words.

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  • I’m sure this is Israel’s fault somehow.

  • WalterBannon

    they should shoot dead every last palestinian

    • Exile1981

      And every journalist as well…. just to be sure they didn’t miss any terrorists.

      • disqusW6sf

        Brilliant strategy.

  • k1962

    A living nightmare 🙁 I hope the soldier has a speedy recovery.

  • ed

    he was 1 of a 5 man “hamas” film crew !

  • Hard Little Machine

    Once again

    He was not disguised as a reporter. He WAS a reporter and this isn’t the first or the 50th time a reporter has tried to kill maim blow up or set fire to Jews. Almost all the news agencies hire stringers provided to them by the PLO and Hamas.

    That is fact.

  • Gary

    Omar Khadr wants to be a paramedic to show he gone straight , but it’s a ruse to access Hospitals or other places with one of his IED’s in the Truck or a Suicide-vest to go Jihad at a Jewish temple . I don’t fully trust the muslim cops and WILL NOT trust the new Hijab.niqab Cops that are loyal to allah and islam and would aid in Khadr’s jihad bombing .

    Sorry muslims, but you are a walking billboard for what’s inside you which means that even if you don’t do terrorism acts it’s your silence to protest jihad terrorism and the lack of mass Protest marches .
    You’re so called religion of Peace that you say has a few Bad Apples now appears to have the whole damn orchards with toxic trees getting people killed from the fruit it produces.

  • T.C.

    I think the IDF should think about introducing its reservists to intensive bayonet drills.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Well, I do find the image of the wounded IDF guy “distressing”, sure. The dead “Palestinian”? Not so much.