Mississauga Mayor Defends Her Remarks Against Anti-Mosque Opponent

That’s nice.

Does Miss Crombie know that Islam isn’t a race?

Mississauga’s mayor is being applauded for standing up against racism after she called out a resident for an anti-mosque website and flyer.

“While others talk the talk you walk the walk. You are our rock Madam Mayor,” real estate agent Moezzam Saeed Alvi tweeted Thursday after Mayor Bonnie Crombie said she would not issue a public apology to residents in the city’s northwest neighbourhood of Meadowvale who are lobbying against a proposed mosque.

Crombie accused one resident of hate mongering during a Sept. 21 planning and development committee meeting. In a deputation, Meadowvale resident Kevin Johnston spoke about traffic concerns, as well as taxpayers having to pay for water and sewer hook-ups to the proposed mosque but the municipality not receiving any revenue back because places of worship are not taxed.

Crombie asked Johnston if he had handed out flyers and created a website that also spoke about concerns regarding an increase in vandalism, crime and a loss of freedom of speech if the mosque went ahead. He indicated he had.

“This is heinous. This is hate-mongering,” Crombie said during the meeting, a video of which is on YouTube. She held up a printed out copy of Johnston’s stopthemosque.com website, which has since been changed. “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

During this week’s council meeting, a petition was brought forward calling on Crombie to publicly apologize. She refused.

On Thursday, Crombie was unavailable for an interview, but said in a written statement to Yahoo Canada News that she “will not apologize for standing up to those who seek to divide us.”

“I will always speak out against hateful language, which is unacceptable at any time,” she said.

“I called this resident out for his comments. I will not apologize for that. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it exactly the same way.”

Council approved a zoning application to allow the Meadowvale Islamic Centre to build a mosque on what was residential land.


Here are some pictures of Islam’s inter-faith tolerance:

A woman walks by the remains of HKI Suka Makmur Protestant Church in Aceh Singkil, Aceh. It was set ablaze by Islamists.



Twenty-one homes belonging to Christians were destroyed by ISIS in Nineveh Plain, northeast of Mosul.


An empty place remains where the Bamiyan Buddhas once stood. They were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.


So- when is Bonnie Crombie (and even the lazy-minded blowhards who sputter out blanket nonsense but don’t actually nail the real problem) going to stand against this sort of violence and destruction?