Mississauga Mayor Defends Her Remarks Against Anti-Mosque Opponent

That’s nice.

Does Miss Crombie know that Islam isn’t a race?

Mississauga’s mayor is being applauded for standing up against racism after she called out a resident for an anti-mosque website and flyer.

“While others talk the talk you walk the walk. You are our rock Madam Mayor,” real estate agent Moezzam Saeed Alvi tweeted Thursday after Mayor Bonnie Crombie said she would not issue a public apology to residents in the city’s northwest neighbourhood of Meadowvale who are lobbying against a proposed mosque.

Crombie accused one resident of hate mongering during a Sept. 21 planning and development committee meeting. In a deputation, Meadowvale resident Kevin Johnston spoke about traffic concerns, as well as taxpayers having to pay for water and sewer hook-ups to the proposed mosque but the municipality not receiving any revenue back because places of worship are not taxed.

Crombie asked Johnston if he had handed out flyers and created a website that also spoke about concerns regarding an increase in vandalism, crime and a loss of freedom of speech if the mosque went ahead. He indicated he had.

“This is heinous. This is hate-mongering,” Crombie said during the meeting, a video of which is on YouTube. She held up a printed out copy of Johnston’s stopthemosque.com website, which has since been changed. “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

During this week’s council meeting, a petition was brought forward calling on Crombie to publicly apologize. She refused.

On Thursday, Crombie was unavailable for an interview, but said in a written statement to Yahoo Canada News that she “will not apologize for standing up to those who seek to divide us.”

“I will always speak out against hateful language, which is unacceptable at any time,” she said.

“I called this resident out for his comments. I will not apologize for that. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it exactly the same way.”

Council approved a zoning application to allow the Meadowvale Islamic Centre to build a mosque on what was residential land.


Here are some pictures of Islam’s inter-faith tolerance:

A woman walks by the remains of HKI Suka Makmur Protestant Church in Aceh Singkil, Aceh. It was set ablaze by Islamists.



Twenty-one homes belonging to Christians were destroyed by ISIS in Nineveh Plain, northeast of Mosul.


An empty place remains where the Bamiyan Buddhas once stood. They were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.


So- when is Bonnie Crombie (and even the lazy-minded blowhards who sputter out blanket nonsense but don’t actually nail the real problem) going to stand against this sort of violence and destruction?

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    It’s good that Crombie and the council won’t give this group a forum and is uniting because this story is just about bashing Muslims and it proves that Christians are not for religious freedom.

    This Stop the Mosque organization is about racism, white supremacy, Christianity only, and this group appears to want to stop mosques and more Muslims from coming in, even though Mississauga and Brampton are relatively large Muslim communities. I wonder who this group “Stop the Mosque” is linked to.

    • Do you have any dark suspicions about who this blog might be “linked to”?

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Far-right dominionist/rapturist/clash of civilization groups/organizations like Harper’s Northern Foundation back in 1989 which were corporatists, fascists, racists and anti-immigration groups back then. Sounds like what SUN and Rebel are about in certain capacities.

        • You forgot the Mossad.

          • Petrilla

            Ooh, Black Mamba, what a fly fisherman you are. He took the bait, perfectly.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Except my real IP is shown as Netherlands.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            I meant current IP but I live in Canada

          • El Martyachi

            Ooooooh… ok.

          • El Martyachi

            He’s getting too close…

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Too bad you will never figure out who I am because unlike them I am determined to speak out against warmongers and haters.

          • Well if we ever do figure out who you are, Billy, you slyboots, you’ll need to be on the lookout for the Fascist-Rapturists.

          • Clink9

            Isn’t Rapture a Blondie song?

          • Exile1981

            Billy is currently a ‘guest’ at penoka.

          • reidjr

            The left loves to play the warmongers card.

        • reidjr

          Lets go back to 1989 the pro immigration were far better then you would never find a group say we should not help the boat people we should help the people whoa re trying to get rid of the boat people.

        • canminuteman

          Go away, and come back when you have something intelligent to add.

        • Do any of the pictures provided give you any insight?

        • Clausewitz

          So what was the name of the only political party to deploy troops on it’s citizens? Round about 1970 as I remember. Oh yeah, the Liberals, with guns, in the streets of our cities, oh my…

    • WalterBannon

      How is your therapy doing Billy Bob, are they going to be able to cure you of being stupid?

    • reidjr

      I would love the left to look up what religious freedom is they would be shocked and I mean shocked with what they find.

    • canminuteman

      I’m all for religious freedom with people who respect my religous freedom. It doesn’t work that way with muslims. They tell us every day that they want to kill us all and take over our country. We would be wise to take them at their word.

      You are aware that Mecca in Saudi Arabia is at the center of Islam and that islam’s idea of religious freedom is not allowing anyone who is not a muslim into the city. You do know that right?

    • Oh, you’re funny!

    • Clink9

      BB. You’ve hitched your wagon to the losing team.

  • WalterBannon

    I hope Bonnie Crombie is run over by one of her constituents

  • Alain

    People like her should be removed from office and run out of town.

  • Gary

    What’s so ironic and telling is that she fears for her life if she opposes theses islamofascists thugs that will call HER the racist .
    It was the Mississauga Mosque that was tied to the Toronto-18 muslim terrorist , plus the Mississauga MuslimFest in 2006 had a Notice on their website by the Hamas-linked CAIR where Sheema Khan assured muslims that they could donate their Zakat to the war efforts in Lebanon( hizballah) .

    Bonnie doesn’t want her home fire-bombed or children to end up a victim of a beheading in public.
    Crombie CAN’T be that stupid to not notice the daily slaughtering by muslims outside of Canada that are coming for her one day or her children.
    The quran makes it clear that a mosque can never be used for anything else in the future, this means that every mosque in Canada is a land-grab for allah’s caliphate much lie a cancer cell grows to slow consume the host until they are DEAD .

    taqiyyah is the art of lies for allah’s cause , it has been used to fabricate a hate-crime to a mosque where the Imam stages the fire-bombing or damages as to call 9-1-1 and get it on the News . From there the muslims play the victim card and use it to get approval for their illegal Mega-Mosque that didn’t meet the zoning and by-laws for Height and parking.

    The Ahmedi’s in Maple North of Toronto built their housing project for muslims-only and then wanted an illegal mosque close to every house with no more than a 3 minute walk for the children . But , once they became the majority
    at the local Public school they DEMANDED that the Gym be a mosque on Friday’s so the children didn’t have to walk all the way to the illegal mosque that was approved for this oppressed group that fled to Canada from Pakistan for our freedoms.

  • Martin B

    “This is heinous. This is hate-mongering”

    That means it’s the truth.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Of course those with the ad campaign lost due to a united council, even the Saito councillor complained but only on the parking area. It shows Mississaugans don’t believe in old-stock and are not buying in huge numbers the anti-Muslim sentiment. Unlike BCF (Blazingcatfur), Canadians believe and want the Charter, multiculturalism and believe in religious freedom and do not want restrictions to their freedom from C-51. Also, US foreign policy created the problems yet your page still ignores the Toyotas held by ISIS and the weapons. Your group wants to hide the fact that the West backed ISIS to remove Assad and you still choose to engage in collective punishment of Muslims which was deemed illegal after WW2.

      • Do you believe that people have a right to express an opinion about who they want moving to their countries and cities?

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          I believe people can voice their opinions but when you see a flag next to a crescent moon on the middle of the Canadian flag then that organization does not to engage on a civil level. They have a rabidly anti-Muslim agenda. What I remember from seeing it it just mentioned buzzwords like Canadian values, liberty, freedom, and those words can be applied to anything. It is clear to me that some groups just feel that anyone who isn’t white cannot be trusted. Like I say to many people, some people have the mindset that only Anglo Saxons are welcome much like during Confederation days. I am Italian, but Whopps was a name for such people after WW2. This happens in stages. South Asians are just the flavour of the month and I think this links now with the niqab debate and the failed and war on terror which has achieved nothing but to help the contractors. I want a non-interventionist foreign policy.

          • reidjr

            I don’t see how anyone can say we have a anti muslim agenda now with that said look at who is speaking out about the nijab its not your white person its muslims who have come to Canada and say it has no place in public places.

        • El Martyachi

          He’s evidently been neuralized. All clear.. repeat .. all clear.

          • Clink9

            Baker One to Baker Two, the muffins rise at dawn.

      • reidjr

        There are many on the extreme left don’t want multiculturalism just search what some ideas people have for Canada its scary and its not what Canada stands for such as turning Canada into a sharia law state.
        As for people want religious freedom only for muslims these same people are pushing for limits on other religions such as banning non muslim saying in public and banning non muslim signs etc.

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          I don’t want Sharia Law but what I want are real debates about our foreign policy. Canada used to have a Pearsonian foreign policy, but like UKIP Canada is going down that road since I call it the last gasps of neoliberalism, which is populism with a Freedom party mix like Nederlands. That means the right will be slightly anti-Islam, populist, anti-immigrant, and for scapegoating. I am atheist but I think we need better education and ways to help out vulnerable Canadians. I jus don’t think scapegoating helps anyone.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Also, I see no one in the media saying we are going into a recession and that GDP numbers are slowing. Remember politicians pick their segments to remain in office. How easily led, when you should be supporting like I do the nation always defending itself but not wanting war?! The fact is divisions are what parties do to remain power. I feel what has to be emphasized is not division but national unity. Which is why I support the Canadian Action party and the Progressive Canadian Party. Both those parties want a Pearsonian foreign policy.

          • reidjr

            Lets take the extreme left they won’t to only bring muslims in they want to ban or limit immigration from non muslim area why its there goal to change the Canadian culture.
            For example I was talking to a couple on the way extreme left a few days ago and what they told me is they want Canada to become a sharia state with in 5 years.

          • El Martyachi

            In fairness, it’s never a good idea to believe anything lesbians say.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            I want only one law for all Canadians and that is Canadian law, and Sharia shouldn’t exist in Canada. I know you may not have seen the interviews but Muslims have said they have moved here to have a better life. Communists in the Maoist and Marxist Leninist sense and Bolshevists want secularism. You are thinking about democratic socialists and trotskyists.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Nationialists and communists feel religion is a control tool and they don’t ban it in the nationalist sense but communists do sometimes.

      • We should treat Muslims as they treat religious minorities in their former countries.

        They cannot build new mosques but can use old ones. If they must, they can rent out space at an inflated price and then get arrested for “anti-Islamic gatherings”. They cannot maintain their decrepit mosques or put up any identifying signs. Also, if some ruffians should cause some trouble, they can expect the authorities to look away.

        Isn’t that fair?

      • John

        Gee I used to think just like you. Your comments are incoherent, your thoughts woolly. Have you been drinking? And since you’ve mentioned you’re of Italian background, why not check out the good work being done by Italy’s Northern league?

    • John

      Yeah, that’s basically it. Telling the truth is now out of bounds because it’s been redefined as ‘hateful’ and bigoted.

  • SDMatt

    I would really be remiss if I just didn’t stop and say it is so critical that we pray for the children of Gaza. So many hundreds have been killed, thousands have been injured. We need more balance in our foreign policy at the federal level. And what is happening in the Middle East . . . it just pains me so greatly. It has to stop – we have to find a solution for this.

    And it’s the children that are suffering, the innocent children. So all of us should pray for the children of Gaza, pray for the children of Palestine, Syria, Burma – wherever there is unrest in the Middle East. First and foremost let’s pray for the children and let’s help, let’s find a solution for the unrest that is occurring in Israel, in Gaza and in Palestine – this has to stop.

    – Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie on often terror-friendly Rogers TV show “Lama TV,” vote whoring for Muslim votes before being elected to office.

    It’s instructive that Crombie mentioned the children of Burma in her vote whoring – the Buddhists there after all have had enough of Islam – but failed to mention the children of Israel, or to condemn the brain washing and hate indoctrination of Palestinian children.

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  • irishrus

    “I will always speak out against hateful language, which is unacceptable at any time,” she said.

    How’s she feel about some good ole round-house cursing?
    Is she running for Prime Minister..
    Seems to me her predecessor complained about too many damn Arabs working at Pearson?… liked her much better

  • Clear Thinker

    We have been noticing a very bad change in the make up of mississauga and the slavish drooling by white female politicians over this change.