Guilty: the iceberg that sunk the Titanic

A picture that purports to show the iceberg that sunk the Titanic has emerged after spending nearly a century hanging on a boardroom wall.

The hand-written eye-witness account was by the chief steward of an ocean liner that passed by the disaster site hours later.

The German steward, named only as M. Linoenewald, described seeing red paint “plainly visible” on a large iceberg that appeared to have been made by the “scraping of a vessel” on it.

  • But with global warming we won’t have any more ships sunk by icebergs! Darn, I kinda liked the idea that the builders of the “unsinkable” Titanic, who arrogantly claimed that “God Himself will not be able to sink her”, were left a little red-faced.

  • pike bishop

    I can only see the tip of it.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Presumably that guilty iceberg is still floating around somewhere? Icebergs are massive below the water line and I don’t think the whole thing would have ‘melted” by now, global warming or no.

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    • Martin B

      The iceberg struck the Titanic at quite a southerly latitude. The water was still damn cold there, but if it had floated on till it reached the Gulf Stream, it would have melted away.

  • Xavier

    Contact (red paint) above the waterline would not have sunk anything.

  • Raymond Cameron

    Iceberg sounds like a Jewish name: someone will blame The Jooz.

    • andycanuck

      And it’s white!!!

    • marty_p

      There was a joke that circulated years ago … Jewish guy sitting at a bar in Germany – walks up to the closest German and punches him and says “That’s for the Holocaust”. Shortly after a German walks up to the Jew and says “That’s for the Titanic”…Jewish guy replies “What did the Jews have to do with the Titanic”…German replies “Goldberg, Iceberg…all Jews”.

  • Gary

    When I watched the B&W movie as a kid that had Robert Wagner in the 1950’s I must have had a strange survival Gene because git confused that since the Iceberg could float why didn’t the LifeBoats shuttle passengers there with food and blankets plus some flares and hope to be picked up later.
    It seems simple now in hindsight but the other option was jumping to your death in 30 degree water where even a top swimmer wouldn’t last long treading water with clothes . The lifeboats could have anchored to the Berg to stay together or unload people go back to stock up on food.

    It was the ship that could no longer float because it was hit by a berg that kept floating.
    btw, back in the late 1980’s when I had a job in the top floor of the TD tower in Toronto I had looked over at the other taller bank towers with 60+ floor and told someone that if I was in an Office that high in the air I would take Sky Diving lesson and learn to do a Low Altitude jump and quick opening in case of a serious fire and NO time to escape other than smashing a window to jump with a parachute I kept in storage.
    People laughed as if I worried too much, but then came 9/11/01 where I think all those people mocking me suddenly may have seen the wisdom in it where I’d still be alive if i was in the WTC towers .