Blaming the Victims of the Palestinian Death Cult 

Vicious attacks by Palestinians, using knives, guns and vehicles as weapons of choice against Israeli civilians, are escalating to an alarming degree. In response, the so-called “international community” is siding with the Palestinian killers and blaming the Jewish victims, despite the clear source of the violence. Spurred on by hate-filled social media postings exhorting Palestinians to go out and kill as many Jews as possible, would-be Palestinian martyrs – including women and teenagers — set out to do just that. In two dozen violent incidents since October 1st, at least seven Israelis have been killed and scores more have been wounded.

  • carnytoes

    What kind of man has plastic surgery in order to look like Frankenstein? It says a lot about the state of his mental health.

  • Islam is a killing cult.

    The Palestinians are proving it.

    Obozo, Lurch and the leftists are an integral part of the problem by accepting the Palestinian/Muslim excuses.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Even the US Ambassador to Israel is distancing himself from Kerry.

  • Gary

    Thanks to the Calgary mayor and Police chief after that muslim pro-jihad/hamas rally and riot by a split-off group of thugs beating up Canadian women and children like rabid SAVAGES , that City is not safe for Jews since the Police blamed the pro-Israel victims for “Provoking” the muslims by showing up to Counter protest.
    These types of quisling’s loyal to their Pay Cheques – NOT Canada’s Laws
    when they choose to meet the demanded of the islamofascists from the fear of being killed or having their homes fire-bombed- right here in Canada will rue the day ( as Wynne is seeing for the jew-hating pro-sharia Mosque she and McLiar allowed in a Public school and now protests the homoeroctic sex-ed) they thought that appeasing the islamists will buy the long term peace.

    I have seen on the News where a Jewish school was fire-bombed along with a security video at a Jewish centre that caught muslim youths attack Jewish teens out of it and then another case spray painting vandalism to post jew-hatred on homes .
    The so-called Police ( now a PR wing of the Governments and Diversity dept. for employment equity ) refuse to report these as Hate-crimes and YET the fear of the label for being Racist or islamophobe ( by Sheema Khan at the hamas-linked CAIR) now has the Police and Politicians blindly accepting any claim of a Hate-crime by Muslims such as the fabricated Vandalism to Mosques ( surprise surprise , no Security camera evidence) or the common scratch on their car.

    I will only get worse to the point where Honour killings to BROWN females is no longer a News item along with the muslim Rape Gangs which our Social Workers and Police will cover up too – which they have done for Aqsa Parvez and the Shafia daughter that were among the 5 of the muslim women murdered by Sharia law since the schools and Social workers now admit doing noting as a Cultural domestic issue.

    We can partially thank Barbara Hall for the two mosques in our Public schools and the creeping Sharia Law oppression in Ontario for her silence to oppose a Death-cult that wanted a Charter Right status top be Equal to a Religion .
    Wynne and Hall will be among the first groups hanged in public or toss from a roof to under Sharia Law once muslims have the numbers.
    So maybe to some people it’s not ALL bad news .

  • Petrilla

    My first thought too. How much botox or surgeryhas this man had. He sure doesn’t look like the John Kerry we used to be subjected to. No doubt when he was trying to prove his youthfulness and cacked on his bike in Zurich when he should have been paying attention to the nasty Iran deal. What did his plane ride back to America by himself cost American taxpayers? That’s when he got face surgery I guess. I am thinking there are no competent surgeons in Switzerland. Ha Ha.