Are Sanctuary Cities the New Confederates?

There are now 340 sanctuary cities — and the list is growing. All of them choose to ignore federal immigration law by refusing to report detained undocumented immigrants to federal authorities under most circumstances.

Partly as a result, deportations of those who entered the U.S. illegally are at a 10-year low — even according to the Obama administration’s new rigged redefinition of deportation as also occasionally preventing illegal entry at the border.

  • mauser 98

    White Hut suppresses crimes committed by illegals
    never has mentioned Kate Steinle murder by illegal

  • Stop ALL federal funding to cities that ignore immigration law.

    That will get their attention fast.

    • Clausewitz

      If they want to be a city state, cut off all federal “and” state funding.

  • Dana Garcia

    NumbersUSA is promoting the Senate bill that is scheduled for a vote Oct. 20 — S. 2146 — the Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act.

    Info here for contacting Senators via Twitter:

    • I remember when the Sanctuary Movement started decades ago. It was nothing more than a couple of Left-wing churches in the southern U.S. Probably less than a dozen illegal immigrants were being sheltered by the movement in the entire U.S. So immigration authorities winked at it.

      Today it has grown to such proportions that it is probably responsible for engendering one of the most vicious international street gangs in the West — the MS-13. These are the children of those illegally-sheltered immigrants — always stuck in the limbo of illegality. And deliberately kept that way by the Left-wing Sanctuary Movement as their personal “trophies” for the ideological purposes of the movement.

      As a result, from time to time, starting with the Clinton administration onward there have been massive deportations because many of these illegals formed vicious gangs such as the MS-13. Upon deportation they brought the gang culture back to Central America and the entire Isthmus has gone down the drain in unspeakable violence and massive drug crime. And it has come full circle — it is International — the drugs and violence flow both ways from North America to Central America and back to North America and Central America. It is seamless. And so now is the immigration problem — the wave of refugees from Latin America escaping the drug violence and the ensuing economic disaster it has engendered is unsustainable across the board.

      Not only should “Sanctuary” be illegal, but the people behind the movement should be jailed — not just for harbouring illegals, but for causing unspeakable misery to the people of Central America. The murder rate there is higher than any war zone in the world — higher than Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. And the brutality of the gangs rivals that of ISIS. Coupled with the recent incursion of the international drug cartels, tens of thousands of innocent people have been murdered, tens of thousands more taking refuge from the violence. All because some White people on the Left wanted to politically exploit poor people as “racism” trophies.

      Leaders of the Sanctuary Movement should at least see jail time.

  • Gary

    Toronto and St.Catherines have declared to be sanctuary cities where the Toronto Councillor Joe Mihevc told the media that the 300,000 illegals in Toronto would not be denied Welfare or Health care.

    Good luck being a Citizen and trying to go underground to stop paying taxes to the CRA while expecting your Kids can get a FREE education and you can get FREE welfare and Health Care.
    The school would report you in a heart beat and the RCMP would track you down to arrest and face the Courts under the Tax laws for Citizens.

    Joe Mihevc and John Tory should be arrested by the RCMP for Treason by taking Tax dollars that they chose to divert to Tourists and illegals along with forcing CUPE members to be complicit to accept illegal’s applications with little , or no,ID to prove who they are .
    Wynne told the media prior to her Election that she would give FREE full Heath Care and Dental coverage to Illegals that HARPER denied it to .
    Ontario is going into Debt at the rate of $20 billion a year while Liberal’s have no plans to stop it since they perfected Election Fraud to steal tax dollars too and buy votes on top of the 1,000,000 public sector members that she bought votes from already and will keep doing.

    The leftist Liberals actually feel sorry for the illegals that kill Cops as we saw with Todd Baillis in the 90’s that was murdered by a jamaican drug dealer previously deported.

    Since these Cities seem to so rich, Harper should cut back the transfer payments equal to every illegal getting welfare that may have NEVER paid a cent in taxes.