VIDEO: Mohammed cartoon shown for first time on U.S. TV, in NEW John Stossel report

“It’s only Muslims who seem to be doing the killing over free speech.”

  • H

    Watched the whole thing on the Rebel: It seemed to me to be well researched and presented. Really good stuff, actually, and encouraging.

    It is critical that America maintain free speech – not just for their own well-being as an innovative, thriving and free society, but it’s important to other nations as well. America serves as an inspiration and model for those other nations, so if it fails to hold on to free speech, Canada and the rest of West will undoubtedly also lose what freedom (little as it may be) that they still have in this regard.

    • Excellent report. Can you imagine the CBC making a report like that? Not in our wildest dreams. And if Justin gets elected we are going to see people getting fired from their jobs or businesses shut in droves if they openly express anything that contradicts Progressive ideology. Because that’s what Socialist dictators do.

  • Dana Garcia

    That was a good report, except Stossel neglected to mention the immigration cause of welcoming such poison into the West.

  • ontario john

    Why doesn’t that tramp have her face covered like a proper muslim woman. Does she want to drive men crazy? I noticed on City News in Toronto muslim women walking their kids to school, and they all had bags over their heads. So much for the media lie that only a few women wear complete head coverings. The news story was about how the media is upset that ethnic minorities are being targeted not to vote for Turdeau because of Wynne’s sex perversion course in schools. Wynne was on a rampage against Conservative candidates for being against her homosexual sex instruction in schools.

  • David

    Excellant. Sending these videos to people who get their information from the msm can be a real eye opener for them.

  • pdxnag
  • DMB

    The spokeswoman for CAIR Roula Allouch is just using her “white privilege” against Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Islam is racist!