They Blow Up So Soon! – Aussies Grab 12-year-old Accessory To Jihadi Murder

RIP Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar Facebook page

Just on the outside chance that any Australian lawmakers are reading BCF, why not round up the entire family of the jihadist and deport them?

Be done with the problem.

SYDNEY: Australian police revealed Thursday (Oct 15) a 12-year-old is on the radar of counter-terrorism authorities as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urged closer cooperation with Muslim leaders to combat a growing extremist threat.

The boy was listed on a federal court order among a group of males that may have helped Farhad Jabar, 15, who shot a police employee in the back of the head in Sydney earlier this month while reportedly shouting religious slogans.

We’re shocked that a 12-year-old is on police radar for these types of matters,” Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “This threat has evolved, it’s become younger.”

He added that “the problem is getting worse for Australia, not better“. “The numbers of individuals that we’re concerned about overseas has plateaued a little.

“Some very good work is being done by our border agencies and our police and security agencies to stop people from leaving for the conflict zones, but there’s no doubt that this problem is becoming more acute and more difficult.”

Earlier this week, Canberra outlined plans to tighten counter-terrorism laws further, including restricting the movements of suspects as young as 14 in the wake of the deadly attack by Jabar on police employee Curtis Cheng. Jabar was killed by police fire soon after.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan also expressed alarm at the age of children being targeted for radicalisation but declined to say how many under 14 were on watchlists. “I do not think it is appropriate for me to go into that,” he said.

  • Martin B

    Two days ago I predicted Aussie Muzz would raise a crop of 12 year old jihadis, today they come up with 12 year old jihadis. Yes indeed Australian lawmakers would benefit from reading BCF regularly!

    • infedel

      Better not chew a pop tart — suspension — but if you disassemble a clock to make it look like a bomb and deliberately plug it in during English Class you are A OK and get a world tour and some cool microsoft stuff while wearing a NASA shirt for 45 days and calling USA islamophobic — hmmm…not in school now achmed.

    • Danielle Huber

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  • HRT

    Darned if I know why the terms radical and extreme are applied to these people. They are doing no more than following the instructions laid down by God in their manual of madness.

    How can anyone argue they are being radical or extreme for doing what God orders them to do? Do we call Christians radicals and extremists for following the Ten Commandments?

    Drop these and similar terms. Call them what they are: Muslims.

  • ed

    I think the words are “devout muslims “

    • infedel

      Just muslim.

      • Xavier

        There are 2 varieties: active cells and sleeper cells.

        • infedel

          …either one can get all ‘splody at any time…islam is islam; moslemis and the same.

  • pop

    The other 18 yrs.. No name???
    Goes to show, no lone wolf.

    • infedel

      lone wolves…..

  • infedel

    They are shocked a twelve year old is on the radar when we see 7 year olds being trained as suicide bombers and four year olds cutting teddy bear heads off.; while they follow a 50 something year old man that took a six year old for a bride — really are we really shocked or in denial. They haven’t changed why is it not clear to the West like it used to be. Oh,the left.

  • Xavier

    People do not seem the be able to differentiate between symptom and cause; until they can jihadis will have the upper hand.