Texas Towns Push Back on Instant Slums

It takes about an hour to drive from downtown Houston to Plum Grove, Texas, the kind of reasonable commute that’s attracted oil industry executives to other northern suburbs such as the Woodlands. Trey Harris, whose company, Colony Ridge Land, is developing 9,000 lots in Plum Grove, is after a different market: poor Latino laborers who can’t afford the city.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “Plum Grove’s 600 longtime residents, almost all white (they HAD to add that part), oppose Colony Ridge’s building plans. They fear their new neighbors—who could number as many as 30,000 once all the lots are sold—will overwhelm local schools and public services, as well as bring crime into the area.”
    No kidding!
    Who the hell would want to live near that?
    What the city needs to do is institute a SUBSTANCIAL MINIMUM property tax for residential developments.
    Think Pedro and Maria are going to dig having to pay an additional $500 in property taxes?
    Oh heck!

  • Dana Garcia

    Why not just deport them? Too logical?