Russian Military Uses Syria as Proving Ground, and West Takes Notice

WASHINGTON — Two weeks of air and missile strikes in Syria have given Western intelligence and military officials a deeper appreciation of the transformation that Russia’s military has undergone under President Vladimir V. Putin, showcasing its ability to conduct operations beyond its borders and providing a public demonstration of new weaponry, tactics and strategy.

The strikes have involved aircraft never before tested in combat, including the Sukhoi Su-34 strike fighter, which NATO calls the Fullback, and a ship-based cruise missile fired more than 900 miles from the Caspian Sea, which, according to some analysts, surpasses the American equivalent in technological capability.

  • ed

    muslims as live target practice I like putin

    • I also like Putin.

      • African

        Russia is not only armed with new missiles and fighter jets but with some thing far more valuable and decisive and that is good old common sense realism which America and the West are lacking.

        • FactsWillOut

          Africa also lacks these. Bunch of commie, albino-blood drinking savages.

          • African

            Hey. Listen. This is where white man’s civilized “advancement” leads to: Eat Da POO POO:
            Watch and Enjoy it:

          • FactsWillOut

            White men put men on the moon. Black men have done pretty much fuck all.

          • African

            What is the use of ‘putting man on the man’ if the white man of today cannot differentiate right from wrong? Physical technology is not what really matters but the moral understanding of what is right and wrong otherwise human beings cannot be different from robots and from dogs and cats!

          • FactsWillOut

            Black cultures still drink albino blood.

  • edlancey

    mowing down mobots – what’s not to like

  • Jay Currie

    Weapons are one thing, will is another.

    I don’t particularly like Putin’s war aims but I am impressed with his willingness to actually fight for them. Unlike the Western wimps.

    I’ll believe the West is serious when we hear about the leveling of Raqqa with B-1s and Daisy Cutters. And it might be a good idea to bomb the ISIS held oil fields as well.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The SU-34/27KIB “Fullback” only entered front line Russian service in May of this year. They’re using the small number of -34’s to demonstrate what they can do. Think of a Cold War era F-111 Aardvark adapted for close in ground support with a bombing focus. If I were the Russians I’d hang them with cluster munitions and anti tank armament. Save the F-A/thermobaric munitions for cargo aircraft. Push them out the back and eliminate whole neighborhoods.

  • Minicapt

    It’s the NYTimes, one should be wary of such an article being ‘sponsored’ by an interested party.


  • Edubeat

    I believe Canada’s newly equipped military/army has now been issued the 2015 state of the art Red Ryder BB gun. Obviously something had to be done to upgrade their fighting capabilities.